What ZigBee And Z-Wave Do ?

What ZigBee And Z-Wave Do ?

What ZigBee And Z-Wave Do ?

Written By -Shreya Gairola

We are in a time of digitilization.Network has become an essential need in everybody’s life.Through network we can remain associated with each other.in business to work efficiently.The gadgets are associated with these organizations through which we can work. Organizations come in various assortments, for example, public organization and home network.Public network is a kind of organization through which anybody can work or associate with others while in home organization is an organization that encourages correspondence among the gadgets with close area of a home.These networks helps in building relationship with individuals around the globe.

There are several networks available in the marketplace such networks are Z-wave and Zigbee.They are wireless protocols that are made up for home automation.As these networks are the latest innovation of smart technology, these smart networks comes with plenty of advantages and disadvantageous as well.These networks may not work properly in low frequency areas .


Z-wave is the wireless protocol of smart technology .Through which smart devices use to communicate with each other. You may think that it is more like a Bluetooth or an wifi which has all the qualities of a smart technology.


Zigbee is a wireless protocol created as an open global standard to address the unique needs of low cost, low-power wireless IoT networks. The Zigbee operates on the IEEE 802.15.4 physical radio requirement and operates in unlicensed bands including 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz and 868 MHz.

Network Configuration

Mostly networks works with WiFi. A WiFi network is the foremost network through which many networks works from.These wifi  network is connected with all the gadgets.These networks has their own protocols too which we need to follow to keep our work functioning

These Z-wave and Zigbee has their own kind of protocols.In the internet network ,the main indicator originates from the main hub just like the wifi network.Therefore,Gadgets don’t need to  converse directly with the main hub .The internet network allows each devices in the network to work as a repeater and pass the indication to any additional devices that is connected or not.This allows network to be more multiflexible.They can cover more distances and can cause less obstacle.

The Z wave networks can maintain up to four hops between the controller and gadget which is connected.On the other hand Zigbee networks are not limited to any hops.

A z wave network can be connected with 232 devices at a time whereas zigbee network is hypothetically could be connected with 65 k devices.However,you would certainly face into bandwith obstacle as many devices are connected to one single network.It can cause lower frequency of the network too.

How Much Power Do Z-Wave And ZigBee Use?

Both ZigBee and Z-Wave use very less power. They use a wifi network to work upon. This is a main advantage that makes them a best choice for smart homegadgets. There are various applications that won’t have permission to high wired authority. Those devices works with batteries.

Some devices using Z-Wave or ZigBee can run on a single cell battery for several years.

However, a gadget acting as a repeater will need more power. This is significant to be in mind when building your system

What Is the Signal’s Range?

As we know that home automation is expanding with each new day. The Zigbee network works at 2.4 GHz .The elevated frequency allows ZigBee to broadcast more data but reduces the range of the signal.When there are  troubles in your network the lower range will get reduced.The elevated frequency signal can travel through obstructions such as walls.

A Z-wave signal that links between two nods can work upto 330 feet in an exterior,unobstructed setting.However,sometimes it can cause abridged in the home.Walls,dividers can also obstruct and can cause network issues too.The zigbee in home space can be a 40 feet.

How much you can depend on the signal?

A smart merchandise needs to be dependable Controlling a door lock or a whole safety system require a very dependable link. These devices are hypothetical to make our lives easier and safer. When a command is sent, you wait for the merchandise to be linked and receive the command. When something doesn’t work constantly or stops working totally it can be a enormous source of aggravation. In a worst-case situation it could even put you in threat

 Is Z-Wave is generally considered extremely dependable!

Z-Wave works in the 908 MHz frequency band. It does not have to deal with the frequently crowded 2.4 GHz band that ZigBee uses. Crowded frequencies can cause obstacle for the networks to get connected.

You may likewise encounter helpless reliability if your gadgets are out of reach. Since Z-Wave gadgets have more reach than ZigBee, you can expect less steadfastness issues coming from range issues. Subsequently, Z-Wave will in general be more reliable than ZigBee. This shouldn’t imply that a suitably planned ZigBee network isn’t entirely dependable. Yet, it’s simpler to run into issue with ZigBee than Z-Wave.


Even though it’s not essential to pick just one protocol, sticking with one can be beneficial. Networks can turn out to be more dependable nowadays .Through these networks the devices that are connected can be easily accessed by a user,They can work from any place with these networks.


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