Home Safety and Security Advice for Solo Female Homeowners

Written by- Sagarika Gairola

Having a home of your own is the best option if you love to stay alone and calm. There will be no roommates, no one to share your freedom. But sometimes, this fun experience can turn into a bad one, especially if you are a woman.

Well, leaving your city for a career or a new job is a whole new experience and can be your first taste of independence in life. But it is good to take some precautionary measures too when you are all alone in your rented house or apartment. In this article, we are going some home safety instructions for women living alone.

Inform Friends When You’re Home

Don’t hesitate to involve friends and family when it comes to your safety. Give a call, or text them if you feel unsafe. Text the number of the vehicle you’re in; let them know whenever you reach home. Use the apps that let them know your current location in a single tap.

Give Your Apartment A Safety Check before Shifting

Always give a safety check before moving into a new address. Check the doors’ durability, the walls, the keyholes and everything. Take care of the electric lines and the enter exit door. Inform the landlord if you find something suspicious around the house. Also, try to make sure of every secret way of going out in an emergency. Have an inspection of the surroundings. It is best to take somebody with you while going to see the apartment.

Have An Emergency Exit Plan

Make an exit plan for bad situations like fire or any natural calamities. Knowing that there is a secret exit door will help your mind to be a little stress-free.

Lock The Door before Going Out

Don’t forget to lock your door whenever you’re going outside even if it is to buy something from the nearest shop or go through your garbage in the bin outside; lock your door, always. If you don’t do so, anyone can go and hide inside, and you won’t have any idea of to it.

Don’t Make It Obvious That You are staying alone

Please don’t show it to everyone that you’re alone. People will always look for the chance to harm or take advantage of you. If you let them know that you are living alone, you may be at risk of being thieved. Also, there are some ways to make it difficult for people to find out whether you live alone or not.
Turn on the lights in the evening; make sure you have sufficient lights turned on both inside and outside your house. Thieves often don’t want to enter a well-lit home. It Will help you to protect your house from unwanted incidents, and make you feel safer at night.
Close the curtains in your home; this will prevent others from knowing how many people are living in your apartment.
When you are habituated with the neighborhood people, invite them over to your place frequently, so that your house looks like an eventful place with many people all around.

Use Your Common Sense

Take proper precautions and use your common sense while living alone. It would help if you doubled your courage and strength when you are all alone in an unknown place. Never let strangers, delivery guys, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers enter into your home. If it is necessary, ask for their ID proof before letting them enter when nobody else is around.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

It is another tip and trick for single women who live alone. It is different from living with somebody else. Then you have to face everything alone, by yourself. When you have an understanding relationship with your neighbours, you can help each other in any situation.

Install the Latest Home Security Cameras

The most recent version of smart doorbell cameras makes it easier for you to feel safe at your home. It will let you know who is at your door even if you are in the office or outside. They provide you with detailed footage of the things that are taking place around your house. With the two-way communication system, you can even talk to the visitor without opening the door.

Report Any Strange Activities around

Always keep your phone with you. Whenever you hear any suspicious sound in the middle of the night, inform the police or your neighbours. Use the latest app where you can connect with multiple people in a single tap; also, share your location if needed.


Now your dream of living alone can be real. Take these precautionary measures and feel safe wherever you are. This advice will help you to overcome any undesirable situation and help to feel you safe if you are living alone in an unknown place.

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