Five Ways Sensors Can Save Lives

Written by: Bipasha Basu

With the rise in the field of internet and technology, our connectivity has also improved. By the help of this technology, we are now able to connect one device to the other. Not just the smartphones or computers but devices like alarm system, door locks, door sensors, garage doors and many other electronic devices can connect. It is now possible to link different devices.

These devices are integrated with the help of technology so that they can you send you information via an app installed on your smartphones, computers or tablets. You can give commands to control all the devices of your phone by typing or by giving voice commands. Smart homes are quite beneficial in maintaining the security of your home and also in saving excess energy consumption.

     Installing these automation technologies are very crucial for the security of your home. You get to know if any unusual activity is noticed in your home even while you are away.

        Generally, when we buy window and door sensors, our first and the most obvious choice is to install them on the front doors and lower level windows which is fine. Because for burglars, the front doors and windows are the most opposite site of entry. But we should also install these sensors within our home, in such places which might be dangerous for some family members and may cause them harm.

Below I have mentioned a few innovative ways on how you can use the door sensors and window sensors inside your house to prevent accidents from happening.

1. Liquor cabinets

Many people have a liquor cabinet in their home. But it becomes a topic of concern if you teenagers in your home. Teens like to experiment with alcohol and what better way to get access to alcohol other than their own parents’ liquor chamber.It is not wrong to have your stash of liquor in your home if you are of legal age. But you should also be responsible for it when you have kids and teenagers in your home.

Installing the door sensors on the liquor cabinets will immediately alert you in case anyone tries to open the doors in your absence. You will receive an alert notification on your smartphone, which is connected to the sensor.

2. Medicine cabinets

With little children in the home, you need always to stay alert. Curious minds of the younger kids make them go through everything they see in the house. But medicines are no joke, and this can lead to quite an accident. So you can decrease your worries by installing the doors sensor on the medicine cabinets. And you will be alerted if it is ever opened in your absence.

These alerts are also helpful in case you want to keep track of the older people of the home. When you are not home, you tend to worry if they have taken their medicines on time or not. Hence whenever you get an alert at a particular time, you will know that they have taken their medicine.

3. Gun safe

Few people keep guns in their safes for security purposes. But it should never endanger the safety of your kids. It is often heard that kids got their hands on firearms left around carelessly in the home, causing lethal harm to them. It is very crucial to lock your gun safes and secure it with a good security system. Along with door sensors, you should also incorporate an alarm system with it. So in case anyone tries to break into the safe, the sensors will trigger the alarm system and will notify you and security company about the intrusion.

4. Pool Gates

It is essential to install sensors on your pool gates, so that little kids and pets don’t go there without supervision. Though gates do help in reducing the chances of any risk you don’t get alerted us as soon as any emergency arises. Hence you need to have sensors. If you install security cameras along with the sensors, it increases your security level.

There may also arise some instances where the kids from your neighborhood may try to get in through the pool gate while you are not at home. So in those cases as soon as you receive an alert on your smartphone, you can just quickly check it on the phone to know what’s going on.

5. Miscellaneous Chemicals

Every home has some chemicals kept in some of their cabinets. Usually, they are for cleaning purposes like -bleaches, mopping solutions or wood polish. There may also be rat poison in those cabinets. These chemical solutions are dangerous in the presence of kids and pets.

With the children and kids present in the home don’t just leave them open. Always remember to lock the doors and install door/window sensors on them. You are just installing detectors in again, not the full proof option. Try installing them in conjunction with the childproofing methods. In this way, you can adequately secure the restricted areas in your home.

These are a list of 5 places where you can install the door sensors and window sensors to protect your loved ones not just from outside but also from possible dangers present inside the house. Sensors are straightforward, easy to implement and budget-friendly devices to secure your home and family members from all potential risks.

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