Impact Of AI On Home Automation

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Artificial intelligence not only affects our workplace, but it also impacts our personal life. Nowadays, technology is making sure that we don’t face any problem in our life. According to the report of Cisco, home automation devices such as home security systems, video doorbell systems, tracking appliances are used by 46% of people. Smart home devices are nowadays very much in demand. Ordinary people can easily use such smart devices through their smartphones as well. They won’t be facing any problem as these smart devices will make their life more comfortable and more superficial.

Home automation is nothing but an upgraded version of your ordinary home. I’m sure you don’t want to juggle within certain apps to operate smart appliances like TV, air conditioner, music system, etc. Through the internet of things (IoT), various devices get connected over voice command. But Artificial Intelligence-based home automation is something more than you are imagining. For example, if you are returning from your workplace, then the AI-based home automation system will automatically detect and get to know about your arrival time. Therefore, when you arrive, your main door will automatically get unlocked. The energy-saving mode of your air conditioner will change to your all-time preferred temperature. Not only that, in case you are tired, the system will automatically play your favourite song. Isn’t it a fantastic feature that we all need in our life?

Here, I have mentioned what impact does artificial intelligence has over our home automation system. After reading this entire blog, you will have complete knowledge of how Artificial Intelligence and home automation systems are interrelated with each other.

Energy efficiency 

Nowadays, energy saving is being given utmost importance. We all are asked to work in such a way that will contribute to the energy-saving process. Therefore, all the technologies are invented in such a way that it will conserve energy. Out of many ways, the home automation system is making the process conservation of energy possible with the help of artificial intelligence.

It usually happens that certain appliances continue to consume a significant amount of energy when they are not in use. In that case, we face a lengthy electricity bill which upsets our pocket. Artificial intelligence will automatically turn off all the appliances that are not in use. AI will control the functions of smart plugs, thermostats, and light sensors which will further help you in saving energy.

Therefore, do not get worried if you have forgotten to switch off all the lights or other connected devices. You don’t have to ask your children anymore to turn off all the lights after playtime. Because you have got someone who will do that for you automatically and that someone is “Artificial Intelligence”.

Home Security 

The application of artificial intelligence and home security system are somehow interconnected. Nowadays, everyone uses Facebook to share information by uploading photos. You must be knowing about the tag your friends feature that Facebook provides. In that feature, AI is being used for facial recognition. Facebook does that recognition with 97% accuracy as well.

Therefore, through facial recognition technology, an AI-based security system will automatically prepare a spreadsheet of the known faces through your social media accounts and home visits. As a result of which, it will enable the system to understand and distinguish between your family, friends, and unknowns. In that case, a false alarm won’t disturb your peace of mind anymore.

The connected self-monitoring systems for your security, motion detectors, sensors, and CCTVs will immediately notify you via text whenever there is an emergency. Your interference will be limited once you start using Artificial Intelligence based security system.


Now it can be said that the AI-based home automation system helps you in maintaining your peace of mind as you don’t have to worry all the time by thinking silly things that might cause you any problem. Homeowners will be able to enjoy their vacation away from their town because artificial intelligence will automatically take care of your convenience. Not only that AI will also ensure that your home is safe and your appliances consume less amount of energy. Eventually, you will feel thankful for such innovation of technology because artificial intelligence is like our artificial security guard.

Although the installation process of AI-driven home automation is not that simple once you get started with it, you will never regret the journey. Initially, the purchase of such smart systems might upset your pocket because it comes along with various smart devices that you have to connect first. But you should have any second thoughts while buying such an AI-driven home automation system.

Most importantly, you should always be careful from the sight of hackers. Your entire home automation system must be secure in every possible way. Because if the hacker gets access to your smart system, then he will get a chance to corrupt all your files as well. You should regularly update your AI-driven home automation system so that a hacker won’t be able to break through your privacy.

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