10 Best Home Automation Ideas For Beginners

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Once you get started with home automation, then there is no going back. The fruitful benefits of home automation will amaze you, as a result of which you will end up having more of it. Home automation ensures that you remain chilled out all day, whereas the system will do its work automatically. Do not worry if you haven’t gone through the home automation system yet. As here, I have highlighted specific home automation ideas that will help you as a beginner.

Light automation ideas 

We all know what essence does lights have in our life. Smart lights are straightforward to buy and implement in our home. Standard light automation is known to everyone, including you as well. But light related home automation ideas are something that will excite you. Before getting started with ideas, you should first know the basic routines of lightings.

Prepare a routine so that the lights can turn on and off accordingly. Even if when you buy an extra light, you have to add it to the same routine. Set the modes of light automation as per your need. The procedure is as simple as it seems. You can select the variable night mode when you go to bed and Babysit Mode when you are working away from your home.

Smart wake up light can increase the quality of your sleep 

You must have heard somewhere about Philips Wake-Up light and the way it impacts your sleep. Before your alarm goes off the Philips Wake-Up light will make sure that you wake up at the right time by slowly becoming brighter. Isn’t it a fantastic smart thing that indirectly asks you not to worry while sleeping?

You will probably need a smart led bulb or an intelligent dimmer, as per your wish. You can set the smart bulb on the working days where you have to wake up on time. Like, if you want to wake up at 6:30 am, and that too on a Monday, then the smart led bulb will help you with that. Another thing is that you should probably remember to adjust the brightness level of your smart light.

Before going to bed, you can dim the lights 

Dimming the lights will ensure that you have gone to the sleep mode. All you need is a smart dimmer switch which will further control all such functions when triggered.

1. Climate automation ideas 

You might not be having the idea that a smart thermostat can easily control your home temperature. If you have installed smart fans, humidity, and carbon monoxide detectors, then with a climate automation system, you can do much more. Such an approach not only saves your electricity bill but also ensures that your family members are safe.

2. You can turn on the bathroom fan in case of more humidity 

While taking a shower if you see the humidity level is too high then you can turn on your bathroom fan.

3. Cooldown your room during the night 

As per the outside temperature, you can set the temperature of your room or your entire house. You can entirely rely on such climate automation systems which will make your life easier.

4. Smart home security ideas 

The smart sensors ensure that your home is in safe hands when you are out of the town. Various security systems have made life a lot easier nowadays. Smart home security systems can easily detect whenever there is a motion and will immediately notify via smartphone. You don’t have to hire a security guard anymore as the smart home security system will do that for you.

5. You can turn on the alarms when nobody is home 

The alarm will immediately notify you whenever it detects someone else inside the home. You have to connect your smartphone with Wi-Fi.

6. Turn on the alarm before going to bed 

In case you have turned all the lights off, but do not forget to turn on the alarms before going to bed. The alarm system is adjustable as per the situation and need.

7. Household home automation ideas 

Home automation can turn your tedious household works into an interesting one. You won’t be getting bored while doing the household work anymore.

8. Laundry reminder 

More often, it happens that we forget about the finished laundries. Not only that, we even forget about the wet ones because of the busy and hectic life. But home automation made sure that we don’t face any problem in such cases as well.

9. Automatic vacuuming 

One thing that we all have to do is vacuum the entire house. But with a modern smart home, the vacuuming of the house can be done automatically while you are enjoying your sleep. In case if you have forgotten doing the vacuuming during the day, then there is nothing to worry. An automatic vacuum cleaning can be done during the night as well.

10. Leak detection

Water leaks can cause us to harm in many ways. Therefore, we need to detect such leaks at the right time. The detection procedure is simple. All it takes is to install a water sensor where you think a water leak is probable. For example, you can install the water sensor near the washer, bathroom floor, basement, etc. After installing such water sensors, you will get a notification immediately at your phone whenever a leak occurs.

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