12 Products For Complete Home Security

Written by: Trushna Purohit

1. Convert Smart Lock Kit

The smart lock system enables you to monitor your door from wherever you want. You can install the kit that will replace your current deadbolt. Even your friends can enter your home whenever you are not around. You have to use the app and grant access to those people whom you want to enter your home. Not only that, there is a key through which you can check the record when someone locked or unlocked your door. Moreover, Kevo Convert looks very fashionable when you install it in your home.

2. Wi-Fi home monitoring robot

You have got nothing to worry about if you have someone looking over your home while you are partying away with your friends. By someone, I didn’t mean a human security guard. Nowadays, robots have completely replaced human beings in specific fields. Yes, you are guessing it right! Riley is a modern robot who will ensure that your home is in safe hands. No, you don’t have to be there with the robot to operate because it can do everything related to home security on its own. In case of emergency, you will immediately receive an alert message specifying the trouble. The system remains connected with your smartphone over Wi-Fi and delivers your notification all the time. Not only that, Riley can easily transmit the streaming videos and audios to your connected mobile phone. The image quality of Riley is appreciable as well. You can always rely on Riley as it can record during the night as well.

3. FLIR FX security camera 

You can always check whatever is happening around your home with the installation of a F

LIR FX security camera. FLIR FX is an outdoor security camera that ensures your home’s safety whenever you are not around and far away from your home. Such a security system offers unparalleled picture quality. The great advantage is that you don’t have to watch all the clips because Rapid Recap technology will save your time intelligently. If you are an iOS user, then you can easily use the smart zone feature which will create a  specific zone of interest. Whenever there is a motion detected within that particular zone area, then the system will automatically record the required data.

4. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

You can see whoever is knocking your door with the installation of a ring video doorbell pro. It doesn’t matter if you are an android or iOS user, you can quickly get access to the system through your mobile phone. The app has to be connected with the Wi-Fi to have the view of your front door. You can set the setting of this video doorbell to record automatically and receive an alert message whenever the system detects motion. You can see the recordings of night time as well because the Ring video doorbell system has its LEDs. If you live alone, then you should install this video doorbell security system at your home.

5. Ring Stick Up Cam

You can happily party with your friends away from your home as Ring Stick Up Cam will ensure that your home is safe and secure. The speciality of this security system is that it can record everything outside your home. The cam can record everything during the night as well. Not only that, but ring stick up cam can also detect whenever there is a motion. With the help of a built-in microphone, you can interact with the person who is inside your property.

6. Cocoon security system

The cocoon system, by default, uses the SUBSOUND feature to sense what activity goes r  don’t have to set it when you leave your house. Cocoon immediately learns what is generally expected for you and your home. Not only that, but it also avoids false alarms. The system will directly send you high-quality videos when something wrong occurs. As a result, you can take the required actions accordingly. You need a smartphone to operate cocoon, and then you have got nothing to worry.

7. Digital door lock

Confio digital door lock will ensure your safety in such a way that other apps have never been done before. You will feel safer once you install this security system at your home. The lock enables the power of the circuit in a way that the person will get high voltage shock. In that way, the door lock ensures safety. Suppose the electronic feature of the system gets damaged somehow, you can still unlock the door by a manual lever.

8. Welcome – home security camera

Smart home technologies work toward your safety and security in a way that no one else can. With the installation of smart home gadgets, you have got nothing to worry. Welcome is such a gadget that comes with facial recognition technology features. Apart from monitoring, a security camera will notify you whenever an older adult or a kid passes in front of the camera. Their names will be directly sent to your smartphone through the app. Isn’t a fantastic thing that Welcome is providing us? The videos will automatically get saved because of the local micro SD card.

9. Lock security system 

Confio lock will ensure your home safety by combining experience and technology. The installation process of such a security system is straightforward, and it will also replace the current deadbolt. You can also create passcodes or pin codes to give access to your friends and loved ones. If you are a busy working person, then the Confio lock security system is perfect for you.

10. Presence by Confio security camera 

You can easily keep track of whatever is happening around your home with the installation of a Confio security camera. The outdoor camera can easily detect people, cars, and animals as well. Confio will send you alert messages at the exact time whenever something goes wrong. If you are out of town, then also you don’t have to worry as you still view your property through live streaming.

11.  Confio Video doorbell 

Confio is a wireless video doorbell where you can interact with the person standing behind your door. Whenever someone steps in front of your front door, you will immediately receive a notification. The feature of HD 720p enables you to see who is standing there with an excellent viewing angle.

12. SkyBell video doorbell 

Like Confio, SkyBell is also a video doorbell. You will get the notification immediately on your smartphone even if someone doesn’t ring the bell. SkyBell ensures you will have the high image quality of the recordings. The best part is you can easily talk with the person via SkyBell video doorbell.

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