Why Home Security System Need Sensors?

Written by: Bipasha Basu

It has been noted in the past incidents breaking in through the doors and windows is the most common way of entry by thieves and burglars. So you need to install proper security devices to protect yourself and your family members from all these events.

Just installing a CCTV camera is not enough for security. You need to get a door and window sensors to protect your home from any break-ins.

How does a door and window sensor work?

 The sensor consists of 2 parts. One is attached on the window/door, and the last is stuck on the frame. These sensors come in two different pieces, and these two parts of the sensors are placed close to each other. They work on the mechanism of the magnetic field. So when they have moved apart from each other,  in case if the windows or doors are open, they immediately send an alert to the alarm system and to your smartphone to inform you of an intrusion.

Importance of door and window sensors

 With smart cameras, you wouldn’t be alerted at the time of the burglary, it just records the incident and stores the data. But with the four and window sensors, they alert you soon after any unusual movement has been detected in the home. These sensors are essential for the improvement of our home security system.

For the complete security set up, you also need to get other electronic devices like cameras, alarms, in-wall keypads and the smart home hub via which all these devices will be interconnected and accessible on your phones.

Here I have mentioned a few reasons why we should get window and door sensors for our home-

1. Keeping the Criminals Away

The greatest and the essential feature of the sensors are to keep the criminals away. When any sorts of intrusion or unusual movements are noticed near your sponsored doors and windows, you get a notification on your smartphone. Also, if your home security system is connected with the service providers, then the authorities of that company also receive a message. After that, they can call you and check up on you.

2. Keep a check on your family members

 Sensor not only keeps the bad guys out but also helps you in keeping your loved ones inside. Toddlers, kids and older adults sometimes without telling anyone go out and make you very much worried. By installing the sensors, you will get an alert on your smartphones anytime the windows or doors are opened. This is so helpful for people who have kids or older people with memory issues in their family.

3. Extra Deterrent

When someone attempts to intrude your home through the doors and windows, sensors attached to them get activated and trigger the alarm system. This acts as an extra deterrent to the burglars or criminals and will notify you about the intrusion.

4. Comfortability and peace of mind

When you are assured that you have done more than enough to protect your family members and home and done everything to secure it, then only you will be able to get a good night’s sleep. These sensors can provide you with a piece of mind.

Other than the ones as mentioned above, sensors have many different uses too. Some of them are-

1. On small drawers or boxes

Sensors can be installed anywhere that has an opening and closing features. It can be jewellery boxes, safes, liquor cabinets or medicine cabinets. This helps in keeping tracks on your child’s activity because there is a high chance; they might wander around in the house and try to open any boxes or drawers and go through them.

2. Track the health of older adults

You always worry about the health of the elderly peoples in your home. Whether they have taken their regular medicines or not? Or if you have gone outside. Installing the sensors on the doors on the medicine cabinets will ensure that they have taken medicines and are fine in their home.

3. Pool Gates

 It is highly unconventional to install sensors on the pool gates. These are usually done for the peace of minds of those who have small kids. In cases like  kids from your neighbourhood have opened your gates while you are out and taking a dip in your pool. You will immediately get a text alert on your phone as soon as the doors are opened. These sensors work best when they are integrated with CCTV cameras, and the whole thing is connected to your phone. So as soon as you get an alert regarding the pool gates being opened, you can check on your phone and see and check what is the issue.

4. Closet Doors/Basement doors

 Many of us have this habit of keeping our closet and basement lights on without noticing. You can put sensors and combine them with smart light bulbs. In that case, the lights turn on as you open the door and turn off automatically after you have closed them. Plus basements and closets are usually the places where you keep important and valuable items which you don’t want the kids to touch. These sensors will notify you if the doors have been opened and provide good security. Also, in the case of nosy housesitters, you get an alert if they have tried to snoop into the rooms and places where they were not supposed to go.

5. Gates used to keep the pets in

 Installing door sensors on the doggy doors are a perfect idea. These not only give you alerts when your pets break free and go out of the houses but also keeps you notified if by chance any intrusion or break-ins try to happen through these doors.

So these are the few conventional and unconventional reasons why you need to install door and window sensors in your home.

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