Burglars Secrets You Must Know On Home Security Tips

Written by: Trushna Purohit

The action of illegally breaking into a house without the permission of the house-owner is termed as burglary. The days of leaving your home unlocked and windows open are long gone as the times have changed. The cases of burglary have become very common with every passing year. The statistic reveals that in the United States, nearly 160 burglary crimes are reported every hour. The situation, no matter how alarming, has a befitting solution. By increasing your home security, you prevent these crimes.

Tips to increase your home security are as follows-

1. Lighting your yard

A well-lighted outdoor will keep the burglars away. It is an effective way to portray that there are people in the house so that the burglars won’t barge in. Lights will keep your outdoor bright, and therefore, you can quickly notice any suspicious activity outside your home.

2. Having a well-lit street

According to the cases recorded, the possible targets of thieves is to target a house that is located on a deserted road that has no street lights. This allows them to escape undetected. If there are insufficient street lights in your neighbourhood, contact your local officials, and take proper actions to install them.

3. Eliminate unnecessary obstacles that hamper the visibility

If you have a sizeable unkempt garden with a lot of shrubs and bushes, make sure you trim them properly. Such an action will provide clear visibility of the road. In this way, you can keep check activities on the road and detect any suspicious people. If you have large bushes in your backyard, the thieves may use them as an advantage to hide and get closer to your house. Trim all the overgrown trees and bushes so that you can feel more secure and safe.

4. A well-demarcated property

Demarcation means building a fence or wall around your property to keep unwanted visitors away from your property. Having a barrier will provide you with a sense of security, and you can feel much safe than before. You can deal with people from outside your property and allow the known ones to enter.

5. Keep your valuable items at a safe place

Make sure that you don’t keep the expensive items on display near the window or in your yard. This can attract unnecessary attraction and increase the threat of theft and burglary.

6. Install motion detectors

Technology and innovation have provided us with various home security devices, such as motion detectors. Installation of motion detectors will give you peace of mind as they can alert you if someone trespasses your property. They now come with features where you can monitor them through your phones via an app. They are one of the best precautionary measures as they come with alarms. If you are away from your home and someone trespasses your house or tries to break in, then an alarm will go off alerting the nearby residences. This way, you can rest at ease and worry less about your house.

7. Always remember to lock the doors

Though this seems like one of the apparent safety measures, many of us forget to lock the doors before leaving our house. If you have a garage or a back door to your home, then keep it locked all the time unless you are using it. Burglars usually check for these kinds of openings to get into the house. Use multiple locking systems or locking system with passcodes for better security. Nowadays, more secure lock systems have been launched in the market that has an integrated approach. These door locks are connected to the main panel, and also you can monitor them using your phone. You will get a notification on your phone if anyone forcefully opens your doors. Also, reinforce your doors properly so that they won’t break if the burglars try any physical force.

8. Security through social interaction

Meet and greet your neighbours. Maintain a good relationship with them. They will look after you and your house, and you should do the same. They will notice suspicious people in front of your home and alert you about them. If you are away for some work, then they can keep an eye on your property and home. Make sure that your neighbourhood has a neighbourhood watch committee. The committee will discuss the ongoing activities in the community. If there are any news related to crimes, the committee can impose rules and regulation for the safety of the neighbourhood


9. Have your windows installed with burglar bars 

In most cases, burglars break in through windows. Installing burglar bars is like adding extra protection. Burglars bars are healthy metal bars that are fitted behind the window frame. They might not suit the interior decoration of your house but, they are an effective way of making your burglar-free. If you want t your windows to be more fortified, then install safety glass or window laminate in addition to burglar bars.

10. Reinforce your interior doors 

Along with the main door of your house, make sure that your interior doors are also heavily reinforced as a safety precaution. If the burglars manage to climb your home and try to enter through the balcony door or terrace door, then your reinforced interior doors can come handy.

11. Install a sound home security system 

A home security system is the ultimate safety solution in today’s world. Through a home security system, all your security devices will be integrated into one platform. You can monitor them and manage them through an application on your phone. The home security system comes with smart home features such as smart locks on doors and windows, alarm systems, motion sensors, lights simulators, an nd video-monitoring. You can also control various devices using remote controllers and at the same time, lock and unlock doors and windows without having to get up. They will monitor your house alarms and notify you if there is any suspicious activity.

12. Install security cameras 

If you are very anxious about the security in the neighbourhood, then install security cameras. You should install them in strategic places so that you can get a full view of the outside. Having security cameras at your house will make it safer as the burglars will be wary of getting caught and hence, won’t target your home.

13. Don’t hide your spare keys outside your door 

It is necessary to have spare keys of your house but don’t leave them hidden under the doormat or some nearby pot. Thieves know that the spare keys are mostly hidden in those areas so, instead, go with the neighbours you trust the most.

14. Use curtains or drapes 

Glass windows or sliding doors are aesthetic, but they also give away the interior of your house. If you want your windows or doors to be made of glass, then make sure you cover them with curtains or drapes to prevent any unnecessary attention.

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