How to Build A Safe Smart Home?

Written by: Trushna Purohit

A home is called a smart home if it is equipped with many devices that automatically do the tasks which are usually handled by humans. This equipment can be built into the structure itself or can be added later on. There are several perks of having a smart home such as,

1. Avoiding unnecessary consumption of energy

You can quickly check on your electricity bills if you have a device that can monitor the temperature of your house and accordingly regulate heating and cooling of the home. Such a device is known as a smart thermostat. Similarly, you can install tools that can manage the consumption of your other electrical appliances.

2. Leading a more simplified life

 One of the significant reasons to get yourself a smart home is its feature of making life more comfortable and streamlined. It comes with a system where you can command the devices using remote controllers or even from your mobile phone.

3. Enhancement of your home security

 Smart home comes with an integrated system where all your devices are connected. Smart locks and alarms can make you feel relaxed and safer. And you can even control and monitor the system through your mobile phones.

4. Multi-tasking your household activities

 If you are tired or feeling lazy, then you can always command your smart home appliances to do the task for you. Automatic washing machines, automatic fridge controls, and even automatic vacuum cleaners, all of them controlled on commands.

5. A fun way to live your life

Having a smart home means you have all your devices working on your command, which is a fun thing. You can command to play music, dim the lights, read the news and scores of different sports, order food, and so on.

A smart home is not that difficult to build. All you need to do is get all the devices you want from reputed brands and install them in your house by reading the manual or by getting help from the professionals. But, getting all your gadgets connected to a single platform and using them without any caution can put them to external risks. Every smart appliance is connected to the internet and therefore, to the outside world raises many security concerns. There are undoubtedly essential areas that are required to be fortified in case of smart homes – authentication, confidentiality, authorization, availability, and non-repudiation. All of these criteria of a safe, smart home are compromised if there is a common configuration or the passwords used to various devices are common. If even one of the devices is compromised, then all the devices will get hacked.

Nowadays, there are a lot of professional hackers who can try many ways and methods to get into your security system and your personal information. If you have an easy password for your front door locks, the hacker can hack it and allow an unknown intruder to get into your house and steal whatever they want. If they managed to hack your other home appliances, such as TV, lights, speakers, or the fridge, they can toy with your belongings and cause a lot of trouble in your daily life. If you have cameras installed in your living rooms or outside your house, the hacker can spy on you and your family by getting into the system. All of this sounds scary and might give you second thoughts about having a smart home but, why should you stop using smart products and live a comfortable life because of some hacker? Some of the smart ways to prevent hacking are as follows,

  • If you are buying a product that requires information about your Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi password, research well into the product and its encryption level. Never install anything before getting an assurance that the product has full-proof security.
  • You might have come across products that come with default passwords. Make sure that you change the passwords of the products after installing them. If you are casual about these kinds of stuff, then there will be a possibility of hacking as the default password might be known to a lot of people. Even after changing the pre-set passwords, make sure you change your passwords every three months to prevent it from hacking. Such a practice is a great safety precaution and should be done without fail.
  • You must always have your product registered as it will start a warranty for your product and in many cases, it can give an assurance if your product is a genuine one or not. It will notify you about any modification required for your product and recall it for changes. It will also give an alert if there are any security issues with the product. The company of the product continually monitors if there is any threat to its products and so, by registering your product after its purchase, you can enjoy such benefits. People usually don’t know about the recall facility of the companies, and they are also not sure about registering their products which makes them victims of hacking.

The only way we can get hacked is if get careless without devices and passwords. It is not just our carelessness but also the negligence of the manufactures of the devices which do no consider the security of their product. Products are made keeping in mind the attractive feature than can lure customers and hence, be profitable. Apart from that, people don’t give much time into in-depth research about a product either because t

hey are too busy or are casual about hacking. This makes the connected devices we have at our home more vulnerable to hacking.

 “The main problem is that the developers and builders of this kind of connected devices have not taken into consideration the danger of cyber delinquencies. IoT devices are a potential army of sleeping zombies, waiting for someone to wake them up and manipulate them”, describes Herve Lambert, Global Consumer Operations Manager at Panda Security. According to Herve, the devices that are connected to the IoT with no security safeguards can be modified and manipulated to perform functions that are not the one it was created for. It is a necessity to understand that your devices are not exactly smart if there are possible threats attached to them. Therefore, use suitable anti-virus software that will protect

your devices and network and prevent any unnecessary access to it. Panda Security will provide you with one of the best anti-virus software that comes with a free and paid version. Here is the link to the software below:

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