Best DIY Home Security System

Written by: Trushna Purohit

You don’t have to spend on an expensive security system to check up on your property all the time. You can do on your own with the help of the gadgets that you already have. You have to pair those gadgets with the right software. For your clarification, I have mentioned three types of security systems that you can manage on your own. After reading this entire blog, you will have a complete idea of how to assemble such gadgets correctly and quickly.

Reutilisation is such a process that we usually neglect nowadays. But such a strategy might help in saving your pocket. If you have an old smartphone or laptop that you aren’t using nowadays, then you have got nothing to worry as that smartphone will serve you as a security camera. I know you must be thinking that how can an old mobile phone can be used as a security camera? Do not get worried about such things because you have got something that will save you money.

If you have one/two rooms, then you can happily choose the old smartphone to serve you as a security camera. That might not involve all the tricks that an expensive professional security camera has, but it will guarantee that your property is safe.

The underlining process of turning an old smartphone to a security camera involves first choosing a particular location. You have to be sure that the camera is covering all the critical areas of the room. Secondly, you have to select such a place where you can plug the camera with a suitable power source. Thirdly, you have to ensure that the phone is connected to Wi-Fi. So that your live video streaming doesn’t get interrupted because of weak connectivity problems, remember to free up your phone’s storage because now you have turned your smartphone into a security system. Lastly, you have to install such a program that will transmit the on-going live monitoring into a web immediately whenever required.

1. The Manything App 

You can easily install the Manything app for better functioning of your security system. The app will enable you to check the live streaming from a different web as well. You can get alert whenever the system detects a motion right in front of the camera, and you can take actions accordingly. One of the exciting factors of the Manything app is that if you update the app to a paid version, then you can easily save all the live streaming videos. Isn’t it a fantastic app that you should install right now?

There is another app called “Presence” which works exactly like the Manything app. Similarly, with the presence app, you have to set the location in your device first. Then you can easily watch the live monitoring video from the web. The presence app will send you alert messages for free. But if you update the application to a paid one, then you can easily save those videos as the Manything app does.

Do you have a webcam available with you? If yes, then you can use that as a security camera as well. You can use iSpy software if you are a window user, and it will record your coverage very well. The wow factor of such a service is that it will send you alert messages to you via texts or twitter when you are away from your desktop.

Not only that, but skype can also work as a security system for you. Although you have to open a separate skype account for that.

2. Nest Cam 

The Nest Cam will ensure your outdoor and indoor safety all the time. The cam is versatile. Nest Cam comes powered with a battery, where you don’t have to go for an extra cable. The cam offers a free plan as well. Under the open plan, you can use five cameras, and you can also save the monitoring videos for up to seven days without any interruption.

Do you want more all-round security services? Then the Canary hub is perfect for you! Because the canary hub will make sure that you can watch and hear everything happening around. The canary hub will immediately send you motion alert messages whenever required. But if you want a simple canary security system, then you can have a look over Canary Flex.

3. Canary Flex 

With the use of canary flex in order to have extra storage, you have to pay for a subscription every month. The Piper NV is similar to Canary Flex which will record high-quality streaming videos from wherever you check-in. One of the most exciting factors of Piper NV is that it enables a two-way audio system. Not only that the Piper NV records excellently during the night as well. Even if your home’s current goes off then also you will be safe because Piper NV comes with extra battery backup.

If you can handle your pocket, then there is nothing that can stop you from such a modern security system as that would be the simplest and quickest way for you to keep your home safe and secure. You don’t have to an expert in the technical field to operate such security systems. You just have to know basic and simple tricks, that will be enough for you to control such functions.

How to build a DIY security system?

However, apart from the three points mentioned above, it becomes difficult to maintain its security system. I have got something for you that will clear your mind regarding that as well. DIY technology has impressive tricks that will help you in maintaining your security system.

Raspberry Pi  

You can pick this camera module for your home security system. Such a mini-computer will excellently control your security system. You have to learn using this camera with a free app. Then you can set it on your own to look fashionable.

The Arduino processor

 will enable you to control functions from a small board easily. You will have limitless customization features along with it.

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