Top 5 Home Security Tips

Written by: Trushna Purohit

The soaring rate of criminal offences is rising day by day. People are getting tensed about their family’s well-being. People, before, used to hire security guards in their building who watched over it for a maximum number of hours. Now, with the progress in technology, why would you rely on your security guard for your safety which is not a hundred per cent impermeable? But the system of the smart home will make sure that you and your family members are safe and secure. More often, people neglect such facilities because of improper tech knowledge. Still, with a little tech-savviness, you can ensure the safety and security of your home to be dependable and trustworthy.

You don’t have to continually worry by thinking that someone else will enter into your home in your absence. I have seen more often, and people do get worried when they leave their homes. Many parents use to call their maids to check on their children continually. But if we take such smart home measures that will enhance the security level of our home, we don’t have to do that. Why depend on someone?

Generally, it happens that people forget to check on their home security system regularly as a result of which they had to bear huge losses caused by the criminals. You have to make it a habit of periodically checking your home security system. Don’t repeat the mistake of taking your home security system for granted. Therefore, here I have highlighted five essential tips that you should consider regarding your home security system.

1. Set your alarm system

The most important thing that you consider concerning your home security is installing an alarm system. The alarm system will work as an extra security guard for your home. Moreover, the system can also help you in reducing your insurance premiums. Always remember to effectively activate the system after installing it or else you won’t be that much benefitted. Secondly, you have to still set your alarm system before stepping out of your home. Alarm systems are mostly reactive. Or it can be said that the course is highly sensitive to someone else’s action. That’s why you are recommended to use such systems as that immediately notify whenever there is a criminal offence. Therefore, for guaranteed safety measures, you should make it a habit of setting your alarm system.

2. Periodically update your locks 

Installing a specifically approved lock system can eventually help you in reducing your insurance premium. Isn’t it a fantastic thing that is helping in many different ways? Smart locks will always make it difficult for a robber to mark an entry to your home. But nowadays robbers have gained smarter ways to break into your home. They can easily unlock your smart lock system in many ways. Therefore, you need to update your lock system periodically. Because in that way a robber will find difficulty in unlocking your system and you don’t have to worry always about someone entering your house forcefully.

3. Have secured windows 

Windows are the most accessible entry point for every criminal. They will first look for an opportunity through your windows. But if you managed to have built a secure window, then you will possibly have reduced insurance premium. More often, our windows get rusty, and we don’t even look after it. If you continue to neglect the condition of your home windows more often, then you have to bear the loss caused by a robber or burglar. Before leaving the house for a vacation or trip, always remember to check whether you have locked your windows or not. I have seen many people keeping one window open while leaving for a vacation with the thought of proper ventilation. But the more straightforward it seems, the riskier it is. Therefore, first, secure your windows, then only you and your family members will be safe.

4. Hide your valuable things in a safer place 

Valuable things are the most attractive in the eyes of a robber or burglar. Some people are accustomed to the bad habit of keeping their mobile phones or laptops near the windows. If you have glass windows, then a robber can easily see whatever you have inside your home then he will plan accordingly. Most people use glass windows just for fashion sense, but they should be aware of the fact that a robber can see what all valuable things you have kept near that glass window. Therefore, you should consider hiding your most useful items in a safer place far away from the eyes of a robber.

5. Don’t make it look like you are on vacation 

Criminals always look for an opportunity to break into your house. If you make it look obvious when you aren’t home, then that will act as the most incredible opportunity for burglars or robbers. They will immediately get to know that you are far away from home. Therefore, you should always avoid giving robbers or burglars such opportunities. Before leaving, ask the person delivering your newspapers to stop doing that. Not only newspapers but also ask the person having your milk and other products to stop coming. Because if they continue to deliver you the newspapers while you are away from home that will indicate criminals. Apart from all that ask one of your real friends or neighbours to look after your home periodically. In that way, you can prevent burglars or robbers from entering your home while you are on vacation.

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