The Best Home Security Apps for Android Device in 2020

Written by: Trushna Purohit

If you go through the statistics, then you can see the crime rates are increasing rapidly. There is no doubt in telling that the government is taking all sorts of measures to ensure the safety level of its citizen. But still, the crime count is increasing day by day. If you have the practice of reading newspapers regularly, then you must be knowing that there is always a new criminal case coming up. And the most shocking factor is that the issues involving domestic violence are setting new records. Nowadays, people don’t even feel safe in their own house. There are all sorts of fears going on tin heir mind. You can take an example from the current scenario when the government enforced lockdown restrictions with the enforcement of what happened that the crime numbers somehow increased. During such cases, we need to maintain our home security level. Technology is doing whatever it can to maintain that security level. The new era of technology is providing us with all sorts of facilities through a smartphone as well. You can efficiently operate everything related to your home security system through smart apps as well.

With the installation of home security apps, you can easily have a look over your home through your smartphone even though you are not present. Here I have highlighted certain home security apps that will ensure your safety no matter what.

1. Vivint smart home app 

First, you have to open a customer account in Vivint smart home app then only you can get started with the home automation function. Generally, various home security apps are connected to smart homes, but to operate, you need certain other apps as well. With the installation of the Vivint smart home app, you have got nothing to worry as the app will control everything, starting from turning on your security system to turning off all the lights of your home. You will be able to manage your home security system and other devices of a smart home together at a place. Apart from that, but you can also customize the notifications that you receive from Vivint smart home app. Through smart, hone, you can easily use the app without any upgradation.

Vivint smart home app comes with all sorts of plans. The app can learn routines as well with the help of an AI assistant.

2. ADT control application 

You can operate the ADT control app along with the ADT home security system. You don’t have to keep worrying about your children while returning from school anymore as with the use of such a security app, and you can let your children come inside your home after they return from school. The best part of ADT control is that it has voice control options with it. Isn’t it a fantastic thing that merely a smartphone app is providing us? Moreover, ADT control can come in coordination with Amazon Alexa as well. Other security apps don’t come with such a voice controlling feature. You can quickly arm your security systems with the use of the ADT control app. The consumers who have used this app have given higher ratings in the google play store. For geofencing services, the ADT control app will be the best. You can easily monitor through your smartphone or laptops.

ADT control app will immediately send you a notification whenever there is a change in the status of your home security system. Not only that, even if one of your windows is open, then also you will receive notification from the ADT control app. Apart from all these features, you can set the status of the thermostat and other smart home controls as well.

3. Frontpoint smartphone app 

The smartphone application “Frontpoint” is the only one to use alarm technology in it. The app will satisfy you with its broad features. Frontpoint was the first one to serve through a mobile phone. For the easy setup of the application, you have just had to follow the prompts. One of the best things is that you will get notifications through texts, emails, or via push notifications as well. Frontpoint offers smart home services like turning up your house temperature, dim the lights, and you can unlock your door as well.

4. SimpliSafe home security app 

You can easily navigate and control the SimpliSafe app from wherever you want. With the recent update of the app, you can share video doorbell videos on your social media account. In addition to the above feature of this app, you will also receive alert notifications whenever there is a fire, carbon monoxide, or water leak as well. The smartphone app will enable you to see the person who is trying to enter your home. You can quickly check whoever comes to your house, that maybe your friends or housekeepers.

5. WardenCam 

Security cameras do that work which we cannot do to protect our home burglars and robbers. But it doesn’t mean that you have to set a professional security camera in your front door. With the installation of WardenCam, you can have your peace of mind. The security camera app will work as a small CCTV for you, and the best thing is you can access it from anywhere. Through that app, you can monitor 24/7 and can have interactions as well. Isn’t it a fantastic thing that smartphone applications are doing for us?

WardenCam can be operated through all mobile devices. There is nothing like you need only a Wi-Fi connection to control WardenCam as you can handle this smart app from 4G LTE as well. Once you install this security camera app, then you can easily detect movements in your home.

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