How A Smart Home System Protects Your Community?

Written by: Bipasha Basu

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a place where all your electronic appliances are connected to a single app and which can be controlled by your smartphone, tablets or computers, from any site having a good internet connection.  The user will be free to take control of the functions of his home devices like cameras, temperature settings, lighting etc. just by being connected through the internet.

Smart home lets you enjoy the luxury that modern-day technology provides us and which was not something that you would have possibly been able to enjoy a decade ago. As science and technology continue to progress rapidly, smart home automation will also progress and continue making our lives more comfortable.

Key Points

  • A smart home gives its owner control over the settings of the electronic devices like- lights, thermostat, oven etc. via his smartphone, computers or tablets through Wi-Fi
  • The homeowner has the option to set up his smart home either through wired or wireless systems.
  • Using Smart home technology not only will provide you with a higher level of security but rest assured, it will save energy and thereby reduce your electric bills.

Advantages of a smart home

Besides getting to show off the fact that you have all the latest technology in your home, smart homes do have some significant and practical advantages. Here I have mentioned a couple of them.

1. Easy to access

What can be better than being able to manage all your electronics from one single place? Nothing, right? The comfort factor of it is enormous! Also, being able to connect to all the appliances through just one interface is an excellent achievement by science and technology. You need to have one app in your smartphone or computers or tablets, and from there you can be able to access numerous settings and functions of the devices present in your home. All these easy to access features are very helpful for reducing the learning curve of the new users, especially if they are elderly persons, who might not be as tech-savvy as you are.

2. Flexible

Smart home technologies are incredibly flexible in case of adapting the latest electronic devices. Every day new appliances and devices with new and better features are being launched. You might want to bring in a new model of a machine and replace it with an older one. We always want to stay updated with more modern and better versions of devices, don’t we? And having a smart home will smoothly incorporate these newcomers and make your job easier. This lets you keep on upgrading your lifestyle with the latest technology.

3. Better security of home

Incorporating security and surveillance features into smart home systems will maximise your home security. Smart home technology integrates all the security devices in your home like CCTV cameras, door locks, motion sensors etc. and connects it via Wi-Fi so that you can have access to it all on your smartphone. So you don’t need to check up on all the devices individually before heading to bed, you can activate them from your phone. These security systems have alert systems in them. So in case of any intrusion or something, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphones, and you can monitor activities at that exact time even if you are not in the house.

4. Remote control

Imagine how good will it when you get back home from a hot, sweaty day and find the home is set at a cooler temperature? All because you had changed the settings, in just enough time before you returned home. You can turn off the lights of your backyard after you have gotten inside your warm blankets. Also, you can see who is at the door from your phone, start to preheat the oven, in case you are late to start preparing dinner. This is all just a part of the magic of having your smart home remote controlled.

5. Energy-saving

Smart home technologies help in saving energy and resources. The user has excellent control over how he/she is using the appliances.  Like, in the case of a thermostat, you have control over its temperature settings. A smart thermostat records your temperature preferences and schedules and then suggests the owner’s energy-efficient settings. You can set the program of the lightings so that they switch to the evening mode automatically at sunset. This helps in saving lots of energy. You can even set the mode such that light turns off as soon as you leave the room.

6. Home management insights

 Smart homes provide some great management insights. You can have access to how you use your devices. For example, you can keep a track on how often you watch television, what type of foods you have in your refrigerator etc. and thereby maintaining a way of your energy consumption on each appliance.

7. Insurance Benefits

 This might not be known to all, but you get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance for having smart homes. Provided you have set up a smart home where an outside source surveys the security system. Usually, it is the security company that you hire. But before taking any steps, do check it with your agent or go through your insurance policy.

Having a smart home will not just help you impress your neighbours; it will even protect them and be helpful for them and their families too. How? Here’s how.

Your neighbours get alerted in case of any emergency

As I’ve mentioned earlier, smart homes have alert systems that send you notifications in case of any intrusion or fire or anything and also to your security company. Moreover, in case you have added your neighbours as an emergency contact, they will also receive an alert on their smartphones about the emergency enabling them to take precautions and stay safe.

Video recordings help in case of any break-ins

 The security cameras installed in your driveway or backyard will not only protect your home they will also keep an eye on the street. These cameras might capture a picture of the burglar or the criminal which the police are looking for. Smart home security systems even have features of storing the video footage. This will let you in sharing the footage easily in case any law is involved.

Your security system even helps your neighbours. Usually, when burglars or thieves notice any smart homes, they do not go there. Instead, they set their targets on less protected houses present in your locality. But having your security cameras to keep an eye on your entire street will make your entire community feel far safer.

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