How To Build Smart Home System Like Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis?

Written by: Bipasha Basu

In the year 2016, Mark Zuckerberg took on a personal challenge to create his very own unique A.I. In December 2016, he announced to the whole world that he was successful in his challenge. This Artificial Intelligence was named J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System). Jarvis  smart home is Mark’s homage to Tony Stark, the Iron Man.

Zuckerberg’s main motto was to assemble an A.I. using which he can control all the settings of his home like lighting, music system, temperature and such.

The A.I. systems that are available to us like, the Google Home or Amazon Echo, all work with devices that are equipped for a Smart Home. But the thing that makes Jarvis AI system far more superior than these A.I. is that to control Jarvis you don’t need to be present in the home.

By working for nearly 100 hours on this device, Zuckerberg was able to create a highly intelligent Smart Home System, which he can control using just his computer and smartphones.

How does it work?

In the video released by Mark, he shows us that he controls and commands his A.I. by using  Facebook Messenger bot and a custom voice control app. He used the messenger to type his commands. He believed that besides being able to give voice commands, the feature of typing the commands was also crucial for the times when he did not want to bother people around him.

One of the best features of Jarvis that no other A.I.s have yet is Jarvis can play songs according to your preferences. No, I am not talking about the thing that Spotify or any other apps does like pulling out pieces of the same genre. Jarvis recognizes if the listener is Mark himself or his wife, Priscilla. It then plays the songs according to that person’s taste.

Here are the two major programmes that are incorporated in Jarvis which lets Zuckerberg use his one of a kind A.I.

1. Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is one of the basic and most essential features of any Artificial Intelligence system. This helps in making the A.I. understand what the person is asking for or looking for.

For example, if you ask your Echo or Google Assistant to find the best seafood restaurant, the A.I. will be able to know that you are looking for a right seafood place near your locality and not all over the world. And the word ‘best’ means best tastewise. Jarvis can easily make this difference out.

 Also, Mark made sure Jarvis is well equipped in knowing some of the facts like the living room and family room, both mean the same thing.

Another thing that makes Mr.Zuckerberg’s A.I. so unique is that when you command it to switch off the lights, it will know by its voice recognition who the person is and whose room’s light has to be turned off. This features yet to come in other A.I.s.

2. The Bot Interface

Well, we all know my Mark chose Facebook’s Messenger program as a Bot interface. These Micro-apps or Bots are hired to perform fundamental level works. Many high-level app brands merge many of these Bot apps for more straightforward tasks

Using a Bot was a smart idea on Zuckerberg’s part. He let Bot take care of all those minor level codings.  As Mark Zuckerberg has mentioned before also that  Facebook’s Messenger Dev kit can help significantly in the tasks of building bots.

 The good thing about Bots is that it can also be used in promoting local t businesses. Single-handedly, Bots present great opportunities for making money.

How can you make your smart home like Jarvis?

Even though having our very own Jarvis seems like an idea for the future, but we can bring about some changes in our home so that we can almost have our version of Jarvis.

1. Security

Keeping aside the whole Iron man voice and comfort factor, the thing is Jarvis is something far more than just being something “cool”. The security system of Jarvis is amongst one of the best techniques. Installing a sound security system is very important for any homeowner. While choosing a home security company, these criteria should always be kept in mind.

  • 24×7 monitoring facility.
  • easy installation of equipment.
  • pieces of equipment must be latest and of good quality.
  • response time should be fast.
  • good customer service of the company.

Getting a good home security company is crucial for every person. A good security system which lets you get a good night’ sleep can make something like Jarvis a possible reality for more people.

2. Centralized control

All the devices of your smart homes to be controlled by a centralized model. Like all the appliances, be connected to an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can control it via a single tap, text or call.

3. Control over the settings of home appliances

To have control over the scenes means you can change the thermostat temperature settings according to your liking or turn off the stove when you think that the food is done all via a single app on your smartphone.

4. Use of new technologies in home

Like installing cameras, fingerprint sensors or voice recognition apps. You can buy these devices like biometrics, CCTV cameras etc. from the markets and set them up in your home. Merging these devices will get you the feature that will serve your purpose.

If you are a technical geek, you can always add your customized parts to the system.

5. Adding an extra touch

Adding an extra touch could be like giving a virtual persona to your home system. Like you can add a feature of providing feedback using some pictures or physical human eyes, arms etc.

This could be a good start towards building your smart home, just like Mark Zuckerberg’s.