How Good Is The Wireless Smart Home System?

Written by: Bipasha Basu

What is a smart home technology?

Smart homes have become one of the most commonly used terms in the 21st century.  This technology provides you with the luxuries of getting most of your household chores done with just the tap of your finger.   Appliances, like fridges, garage door openers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, home security systems, even your light bulbs! You can manage all these just by a single remote or your smartphone.

There are some specific systems of various brands, available in the markets which unite all your appliances and give you single-mode to access it all. This mode is usually an app on your smartphone or tablet or software so that you can have access to it from every corner of the house or even when you are not there.

Advantages of a wireless smart home

1) Time-saving- The first and also the most significant advantage of having smart home technology in our home is the time-saving factor! Just think you can vacuum your home, even when you are not there or close the garage door that you have left open because you were late for work! Isn’t that great?

2)Energy-saving- Why do you think it is called smart home? Because it is an intelligent choice!Duh! You see using smart devices will help you save energy and in turn, lower your energy bills. You get to control the settings of your devices so that they are only on when you are using it and read of the time they get switched off automatically.

3)Awareness-Smart home technology makes its users aware of all the resources that they are using and gets an account for how much energy is used where. Many of the smart home systems have a usage logging tech which provides users with the resource spent history.

Types of smart home technology

You can install either wired or wireless devices for your smart homes. At the same time, it is totally up to you on which one you use, but the wireless ones are the most used.

Even though the wired networks have high-speed internet and capacity, investing in right quality cables and the installation charges are quite costly. It also restricts your mobility.

On the other hand, wireless networks solve the low-speed internet problem with the help of new technologies. Also, there are no restrictions in the case of mobility.

The wireless installations have a central hardware device that creates a home centre from where the bandwidth is conveyed to all its users; meanwhile, the tool assists all the connections.

There is no denying, in fact, just how popular and widely used wireless technology has become. Wireless devices have taken over every aspect of our lives. Be it as Wi-Fi or smartphone chargers of your sound systems.

  On every second day, new features are updated for wireless devices, for making the lives of their customers easier.

In high-level businesses or corporations, those people have assigned wireless networks for their customers. This shows for a fact how much they trust that wireless devices will allow them to keep their customers happy.

Types of wireless

There are generally two types of wireless devices or preferably two ‘purposes’ of the technology-

1. The first one being wireless used in content delivery. During this pandemic, we need Wi-Fi for our smartphones just like we need air to breathe. All those Netflix and chill, gaming and whatnot can not be accessed if we don’t have wireless connection.

2. The second one is to control signals. The controller sends signals to the art devices of the house and manages it all with a single app on your smartphone or tablets, just like a computer network.

 Bringing a wireless network in our home will surely give us more options in choosing the devices that are really required and also in saving energy.

Some might have doubts in using wireless networks as their control signal, but rest assured any restrictions that might be there in the range can be overcome by using the mesh networks that help in getting us the signals that are out of reach using powered nodes.

Advantages of the wireless system

Using a wired connection for your home is a far smoother task than a wired one. You don’t need to think about the cables that are required for the wired one’s. Or take that extra headache of hiring people for its installation because let’s face it, even though those things have been written that you can install it all by yourself, but at the end, you need to call in the professionals.

Costs- As I mentioned it so many times, installing a wireless setup will save you a lot of time because of all the less number of equipment it needs for it to run. And as for those people who may think that less cost of products might mean that it is not a good one, some brands have some price routers and wireless adapters available.


Security- With the modern technology and technical world rapidly progressing, there is no need to get scared about being hacked. All your devices, besides being password-secured, will also have firewalls which will keep your property safe and sound. Plus nowadays they all have security alerts, so even if any intrusive activity is noticed, you will receive a notification along with the cyber department of your security company.

Comfort- Ah! The thing which we are all seeking for. Comfort! You do not want to move from your bed in the middle of a hot summer night to change the air conditioning settings, do you? With wireless systems, you can use your smartphone lying on your bedside table for it.  You also don’t need to come back halfway to close your garage door now, and you can open the app and tap on it. Sounds so great, right?


Thus choosing a wireless network for your home sounds like the right choice as it saves from putting a dent in your pocket and also keeps you from the extra work. Also, you don’t want your dream home to look like a wirehouse, do you? Think about how it will look with all the wires taking the thunder after you’ve just finished furnishing your new home.