How To Be More Proactive in Securing Your Home

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Our life is getting busier day by day. At the same time, crime rates are also increasing with new records. In that case, we must shift our reactive security system to a proactive one as that will more satisfying. You don’t have to wait all the time to happen something so that you can safety measures. Precaution shall be taken at the right time in order to avoid any sort of unseen problems. Therefore, I have mentioned 8 ways through which you can have a proactive approach towards your home security system.

1. Alarm System

Installation of an alarm system will help you in many ways and will always ensure that you and your family members are safe. Such security systems are very reactive in nature. Any sort of activity has to commence in order to trigger the alarm system which will further activate automatically. But the security system would become proactive if you install a professional live monitoring system. If you want to evaluate an incident immediately then a remote video security system can do that for you. During the hour of need, such a system can immediately notify security guards, can call police and firefighters, etc. Isn’t it an amazing thing that security systems are providing us? You should install security cameras near your windows and door as these places are prone to crimes. Most of the people lodge a complaint regarding various criminal cases that happened through their windows and doors. Therefore, reactive camera systems are much needed nowadays. You should also install a fire detector on your property that will surely help you when required.

2. Security guard service

You can use a security guard to make your security system proactive. If you are a business person then for your commercial area you should add on an extra security guard service to your system. Security guards will keep a watch over the campus inside-out periodically. They will for around in order to check if everything is alright or not. the service of security guards and the total number of working hours will exactly depend on the budget that they are being offered and on the crime rates in that area. But if you are living in an area where crime rates are proportionately low then the cost of hiring a security guard might be somewhat less. In case your live monitoring system doesn’t function properly then a security guard at your service might solve your problem simply.

3. Motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights will help you in catching the person who was trying to cause you or your family harm. Normally robbers think that they can easily enter into anyone’s house and can do whatever they wish to by causing huge losses to the concerned family. But if you have installed motion sensor lights previously then the robber will come under the spotlight whenever he is near to that light. In that way, you can keep such criminals at the bay. Therefore, in order to make your security system proactive install such motion sensor lights.

4. Install smart door locks

Generally, people always misplace their keys and have to make spare keys. But you can easily avoid such situations involving spare keys. As you can just simply install a smart lock system with a pin code or passcode rather than just looking for spare keys. Even spare keys are prone to theft and robbery cases, that’s why it would be best if you install a smart lock system at your home. Apart just from the keys, you don’t have to worry all time by wondering if you have locked your main door or not. Because with the installation of a smart lock system you don’t have to worry much.

5. Home security cameras

Security cameras are considered to be the best in order to make your home security system proactive. With the advancement of technology, you can easily keep any sort of criminal case off the limits. Nowadays everything is becoming smart except for us because we need to know all those facilities a proactive security system is providing us. You don’t have to particularly install a security camera outside your home. Instead, you should install that in all your indoor areas including your backyard as well. because in that way you easily record each and every move of that robber and can take action accordingly.

6. A remote light switch system

Outdoor lights are very important that every individual should consider setting it in their own house. Because if you let your place without lights then it will serve a great idea for a robber or thief to hide. You cannot even know when a robber has entered and caused you losses in the absence of outdoor lights. Instead of that, you should install a remote lights system as with that you can easily turn on and off the lights while you are away from your home. Isn’t it amazing that technology is providing us in order to ensure our safety?

7. Video doorbell system

A video doorbell system is an ultimate proactive solution to your home security system. Because with the installation of video doorbells you can see the person trying to enter and if required then you can also interact with them. If you are not home then through your connected laptop or smartphone you can easily ask them questions.

8. Checklist of a home security system

The Internet will never disappoint you whenever you need help with something. You can easily go through the home security checklists that are available over the internet. You just have to browse and go through all of them. You will be able to point out the remaining flaws in your home security system with the help of that checklist.