17 Common Home Security Mistakes

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Nowadays, the number of criminal cases is rising day by day. People are getting smarter and taking all sorts of precautions to save themselves from such criminal cases like robbery or theft. But it usually happens that people commit silly mistakes as a result of which they have bear huge losses. Therefore, here I have highlighted 17 common home security mistakes that you should avoid doing that.

1. Hiding the spare keys under doormat

Most of the people have a practice of hiding their keys under a doormat. The idea may seem cool to some of you, but it helps a burglar to conduct his activities. Because the first thing that a thief or burglar looks for is your key. Therefore, they will check everything around to have those spare keys. Such a silly mistake of yours might cost you lakhs to cover the loss that a burglar had caused.

2. Hiding the spare keys at random places

Not only under a doormat, but the burglar will also search everything outside to have those keys. People think that the burglar will only come and search those keys under their doormat, but you should not repeat that mistake, or else your security system will be of no use. Always remember one thing that never leaves your spare keys anywhere and take it with you whenever you leave the house.

3. A ladder in your backyard 

You must be having a ladder at your home, everyone does, but you should not let that ladder to be kept in the open in your backyard. Such common mistakes might seem nothing to you, but it will be great for those trying to enter your home forcefully. If you have a second floor, then remember always to lock that floor or else with the help of that ladder, a burglar or thief can easily mark its entry as a result of which you have to face huge losses.

4. Use of cheap doors and windows 

Instead of cheaper ones use expensive and secured windows and doors. Generally, thieves and burglars have proper knowledge of how to break through your windows and doors. Therefore, you have to make it difficult for those criminals and make sure that they don’t even try getting into your home.

5. Open garage doors 

Open garage doors will cost you and your family more than leaving the lights on. Robbers or thieves will get an opportunity, and you will become prey to the robbery or theft cases if you don’t close your garage doors mindfully. More often, people face such problems as they unmindfully leave their home garage doors open. Even in the middle of the night if they suddenly remember that they haven’t closed the door, then they will get panic and come running to close the door. Therefore, the techno-friendly smart home will automatically close the garage door once you enter and park your vehicle.

6. You always rely on your pet dog 

More often, it happens that people sleep peacefully thinking that their pet dog will catch the thief or any other person trying to enter their home forcefully. But you should avoid doing that and always relying on your pet dog. It would help if you focused on installing a proper security alarm system that will notify you with an alert message whenever someone tries to break into your house.

7. Installation of fake security system at your home 

Avoid buying dummy security cameras as burglars and thieves can differentiate between the real and fake systems. Instead of that, install proper professional security cameras that will always ensure your security. With the help of a smartphone/laptop, you can efficiently operate such cameras and burglar will then face difficulty to break into your house.

8. Hiding places in your backyard 

Naturally, people while building their home they made different places which further helps a robber or thief to hide. Large bushes or extra storage room can help them to hide from you whenever required. Therefore, you should avoid making such mistakes while building your home.

9. Having less number of outdoor lights 

Outdoor lights are essential that every individual should consider setting it in their own house. Because if you let your place without lights, then it will serve an excellent idea for a robber or thief to hide. You cannot even know when a robber has entered and caused you losses in the absence of outdoor lights. Instead of that, you should install motion sensor lights as with that you can set the alarm, and the light will scare away the person trying to enter forcibly. Isn’t it amazing that technology is providing us to ensure our safety?

10. Throwing away the expensive item boxes on the road 

I have seen plenty of people always throwing away their expensive item boxes on the road. Even you must have also done that at least once, but little did you that such things send a hint to the robbers and they plan accordingly. Therefore, you should avoid throwing like that wait until you throw in a dustbin or dumpsters. Because such things might not scare you or your family, but common mistakes usually cause us more harm.

11.  Keeping valuable near the window side 

Generally, we all have the habit of keeping our phones or rings near the windows. Not only that a robber can see through your glass windows and can make a list of things which he will catch, later on, most for the glass windows just for fashion sense but they should be aware of the fact that a robber can see what all valuable things you have kept near that glass window. If you have such a window system at your home, then you need to change that immediately, or your valuable things will be gone by the next morning.

12. Alarm system near your window 

Nowadays, everyone has installed a security alarm system at their house. But the question is, where have you installed it? Is it near your window or far away from that? Because if you have installed the alarm near the window, then the criminal can quickly get access to it and will conduct his activities accordingly. Therefore, you should always be careful while setting your security alarm system.

13. Forgetting to go through your security system 

Usually, it happens that you forget to maintain and update your home security system after installing it.  You should check periodically whether the system that you have installed is in working condition or not. Because more often, some systems stop working and people think that it is working as a result of which they face huge losses. Therefore, you should always go through your security system at least once or twice a month.

14. Sharing your location on social media 

I often wonder what makes people share each detail of their vacation plans on social media sites. Because nowadays whenever someone even goes to a restaurant to have lunch or dinner, they will immediately share that on Facebook or Instagram. Such things might seem cool to you, but you don’t know that a robber or thief is keeping an eye on you by always checking whether you are at home or not. Therefore, avoid sharing everything in detail so that a robber won’t break into your home in your absence.

15. The misconception of turning off all the lights 

Generally, people have this habit of turning off all the lights while they leave for a vacation. I guess even you must have done that as well with the thought of saving your electricity. But the thing is whenever a robber finds all lights are off then he immediately considers that nobody is at home as a result of which he enters your home. Therefore, you should connect all your lights to the smart home system before you leave for vacation.

16. Forgetting to stop newspaper 

If you are leaving your home and going on a vacation, then you must stop the delivery of newspapers and mails as well at your doorstep. Because if you don’t do that, the robber will see those newspapers and mails are lying in front of your doors as nobody is receiving it. As a result of which he will get an opportunity to break into your house as he will know that you are not in your home.

17. Forgetting to look around 

More often, I have seen people don’t guard themselves by looking around their backyards or storage rooms before going to bed. You should not avoid doing that because there might be someone hiding in your backyard without your knowledge. Once you check before going to bed, then you can sleep peacefully knowing that no one was there. Make it a habit so that you won’t forget it all the time.