5 Safest Cities In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the famous states in our country. Thousands of people come here with eyes full of dreams. In other words, the state is known as the career hub because of its promising nature of providing jobs. Along with the career-building options, Maharashtra also has beautiful destinations which have been an attraction for all the tourists.

Apart from all these, does the Maharashtra state provides a safe environment to its people and tourists? Because we would love to travel or live by at such a place that guarantees to work towards the safety and security of its people.

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As far as crime rates are concerned, some cities have recorded a minimal level of crimes. Here I have highlighted five such cities of Maharashtra that work towards the safety of its people and never fails to amaze with its fruitful results.

1. Pune

Pune is one of the safest cities of the Indian state Maharashtra. It is also known for the career destination that it provides to the women. Pune stands at 5th the position in terms of providing a better quality of life to women. Thus, women feel safer to live and work in Pune. The safety index of the city is 59.36, which is far better than the crime index of the city. In terms of robbery, Pune has recorded a minimal rate of 38.73. From an overall point of view, the crime rate of the city has been decreasing every year. During the night, the city provides 55.18% of safety to the women who return alone from their work. Therefore, it can be concluded that Pune provides an environment that ensures the utmost safety and security for its people.

2. Mumbai

Mumbai, apart from being the city of dreams, is also known to be one of the safest cities of Maharashtra. No one can ensure 100% safety to its people, but Mumbai has been working towards such necessity as the number of crimes from the overall point of view has decreased. The safety index of the city stands at 56.73, which is far better than the crime index of the city. The city has so far recorded a moderate level of crime in terms of robbery and theft. Mumbai never discriminates anyone based on their caste, skin colour, gender, religion, etc. It provides a secure environment during the night as a result of which women feel safer to travel. Even tourists feel safe and have given positive reviews regarding this city which is also known as the heart of Maharashtra.

3. Nagpur

The orange city of Maharashtra has amazed everyone with its decreasing numbers in terms of providing a secure environment for the people. Nagpur is famous for cultivating a significant portion of oranges in the country. Many people don’t have the idea that the orange city has the lowest crime rate as compared to the other cities of India. The safety index of Nagpur city has shown improving results when compared with the crime index as it stood at 60.12. The safety level is 60.52, while women or children are walking alone during the night. The crime cases involving robbery and theft activities have recorded a new lower level as the rate stood at 37.66%. Isn’t it an improvement? Therefore, it can be concluded that along with the other cities like Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur also falls under the category of safest cities.

4. Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai has never failed in providing a safer and secure environment to its people living by. From the crime report of the city, it can be concluded that the city has recorded a lower level of the crime rate. The safety index of Navi Mumbai is 65.09, which is far better than the crime index of the city. Crime cases involving theft and robbery activities have also shown a declining rate as it decreased to 36.92%.

75.27% of women and children feel safe to travel along during the night in Navi Mumbai.

5. Kolhapur

The crime count of the Kolhapur city of Maharashtra state is recorded at the minimal level as compared to the national average crime rate. From the last three years, the criminal cases in the city have been showing a moderate rate. People living in Kolhapur city worry less regarding the robbery and theft cases as the count stood at the minimal level. The crime count and domestic violence against women have also declined. Therefore, it can be concluded that Kolhapur falls under the safest city category as it has been giving top most priority to the safety and security of the environment.

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