10 Smart Home Solutions

Written by: Bipasha Basu

Modern technology has made our lives far more accessible. Technology has made an impact on all aspects of lives, be it workplace or at home.Smart homes are one of the most notable contributions to technology. Technology can lessen stressful and time-consuming tasks that steal precious moments away from the family.

    A smart home is a home which has lighting, heating, and electronic devices, and it can be controlled using a smartphone, computers tabloid. Smart security devices keep homes secure from intruders as well as from dangers like floods, fire, power shortage, etc.

    They make our lives far more comfortable and efficient in many ways. Smart home devices can include appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens, as well as heating and air conditioning units and lighting devices. Some examples of smart home-enabled electronic devices are audio and video entertainment systems, camera and security systems, and computers, laptops and other electronic mobile devices. Smart homes make our everyday lives easier on so many levels.

1. Lock the door

Who doesn’t own a smartphone in the 21st century? Your smart home controls will be with you all the time in an app on your smartphone. We all remember to switch on the lights and ac when we enter our homes but often forget to switch them off when we are in a hurry to go to work. So if you forget to do that, you don’t want to go back and do that and lose time. So the app on your smartphone will save you a lot of time. Hence smart homes will lessen your worries about ‘leaving the doors open’ dilemma. Being able to integrate all the devices within an app will make your job much more comfortable and allows you to adapt to the latest inventions.

2. Is your home safe?

When we leave the house we often worry if our houses are safe from burglars or any other such nuisances. Smart homes use the WIFI of your home to connect to all the devices of your home like doorbells, sensors, bulbs etc. which then are connected to your smartphone. So if any suspicious ever happens in your home, you will receive a notification. You can also opt to receive security alerts on your various devices and monitor activities in real-time whether you’re in the house or anywhere else, anytime.

3. Child Security

One of the most challenging jobs for parents might be leaving their kids alone or in care of someone when they go to work. CCTV cameras installed all around the house allow you to keep an eye on your kids daily activities like playing, sleeping, studying inside 24×7, even when you are not with them. You can check up on your baby in the nursery and can also be affirmative about their safety even when you are not there or if you are out of town.  Just think the amount of relief you will feel!

4. Pet Care

 Pet owners are using smart home technology to take better care of their pets when they are away. Cameras installed at home can help owners get a live view of what their pets are up to. They can monitor the food and water intake of their pets.

5. Elderly Care

When we leave our house we often leave our parents or grandparents alone. Leaving them alone might be some time danger for them. Smart homes make you feel kind safe regarding that. Smart homes adjust the temperature convenient to the temperature outside. Think how much that helps your grandparents! Senior citizens can access several new features via this smart home like calls on voice command, smart door lock, medical emergency alerts and many more. Connecting your appliances and other systems with one single device will also improve your appliance effectiveness and functioning, overall making your home life much more manageable and enjoyable!

6. Temperature setting

With the winter right around the corner, you don’t want to feel like you have entered an ice zone when you get home. Smart homes have thermostats which regulate the temperatures according to the outside weather and try to find ways not to spend an excessive amount of energy when not needed. The system will maintain track of which rooms you are present and make sure that the temperature in that room is sufficiently warm when you use them. And you can even lock the thermostat after installing it so that you won’t have to think about them meddling with it.

7. Leaving the garage door open

After leaving the lights open another thing that always tends to make us late in the morning is forgetting to close the garage door. Installation smart garage door opener keeps you from driving back all the way from wherever you were to either close the garage door or just to check if you have forgotten to lock the garage or not because you thought you didn’t close it. The smart garage doors can be controlled via smartphone apps as well. Alongside the scheduler that is installed in it and the motion sensors it comes along with, you can always use the app to close the door in case the scheduler is off-schedule.

8. Water leakages

Water leakages happen in all of your homes. People often tend to miss that or ignore that. Smart homes are installed with a sensor which will notify you regularly to check up on that until you have done so!

9. Mothers best companion

 Every night, mothers have to participate in a shouting session just to let all the people know that dinner is ready. Smart homes having intercoms in all the rooms relieves her from that. Just think how much she would appreciate that!

10. Energy saving

With all the Global Warming going on, we need to look into saving energy. Smart homes keep track of your lifestyle and try to find ways not to spend energy unnecessarily. The system will maintain track of which rooms are present and will make sure that the temperature in the room is sufficiently warm when you use it, and no excess energy is spent. Surveys done shows that this helps in saving up to 30-40% of energy.