Five Safest Cities Of West Bengal

Co-writer: Trushna Purohit

We consider safety as one of the most concerning factors that come to our mind whenever we think about shifting to a new place or visiting a new place for vacation or work purposes. All we want is ourselves, and our families safe is very familiar, we are cautious about our surroundings, and therefore, we keep a note of daily crimes taking place in our state. When we shift to a new place, we look for the necessary infrastructures like schools and hospitals, near-by places to shop, places for entertainment, and most importantly, how safe is that place or locality. Every day when we go through the news, we come across different types of crimes taking place every day. Crimes may seem inevitable, but you can prevent it by taking necessary precautions. You must ensure that you are living in a safe society, make sure you lock your doors and windows properly, don’t get over-friendly with strangers and learn whom to trust and keep an eye on unnatural incidences. One of the ways can be installing home security automation, such as sensors and alarms. They can alert you if someone suspicious enters your home without your permission. You can also install security cameras or CCTVs. Searching for a safe place requires a lot of research into that place. This article by us will be providing you with some of the safest cities of West Bengal.

West Bengal, located in the eastern region of India, is home to nearly millions as it is ranked as the fourth most populated state of India. The majority of the netizens are Bengali Hindus. Not only it has a great history but also a rich literary heritage. The state has a great variety of cuisines to offer and is famous for its speciality in sweets. The crime rate in West Bengal is far below the national average, the overall values are moderate, and even the individual values are not that high as well. The only crime in which this state overpasses the national average is in riots; riots are widespread in West Bengal. Other than large numbers of riots, other crimes are pretty much moderate. Let us detail about some of the safest cities of West Bengal.

1. Siliguri

Siliguri is a small city located at the foothills of the Himalayas famous for its tea, transport, tourism, and timber. Nested at the banks of Mahananda, this city also serves as a small hill station. Siliguri is one of the safest cities of West Bengal with a crime index as low as 29.62 and a high safety index. The level of crime, over the past few years, has increased at a low to moderate rate. Crimes such as theft and robbery are very minimal in the city. Nowadays, there have been cases of drugs, but they are moderate and manageable by the security forces. Cases of stolen cars are very few. The degree of bribery and corruption are also moderate. According to the statistics, Siliguri is nearly 90% safe for people walking alone during the day and nearly 70% safe for people walking alone during the night.

2. Kolkata 

The city was formerly known as Calcutta and has a great history. This capital city is located at the eastern bank of the Hooghly river. Not only it is the educational, commercial, and cultural centre of eastern India but also it has ventured deeply into the field of drama, art, theatre, and literature. Kolkata has witnessed a maximum decline in crime rate post-pandemic, it has been ranked as the safest city of Indi

a. Even in recent years, the crime rate has been increasing at a moderate rate.  Apart from crimes related to bribery and corruption, all other crimes are pretty moderate. Kolkata is one of the most affordable metros you can find in India, as it is still in the early stages of commercial and industrial development.

3. Malda

Known as the mango city of West Bengal, Malda is the sixth-largest city of the state. Malda has reported shallow criminal cases over the past few years and can be called as one of the safest cities of West Bengal. The total crime rate has reduced significantly since 2012. The crimes such as theft and robbery are very low, and overall crimes are also moderate. Violent crimes cases are also very few and have been declining over the past few years.

4. Asansol 

Known for its expansive coal mines, Asansol is ranked as the second-largest and populated city of West Bengal. The city’s economy is mainly dependent on its steel and coal industries, railways, and its trade and commerce. The city is infamous for its riots, but the overall crime rate is moderate. Crimes such as theft and murder have increased at a low rate over the past few years. According to statistics, there has been a declining trend in violent crimes in the city. Walking alone in the city during the night is not safe and is advised to use public transport or private transport.

5. Kharagpur 

Home to one of the best IITs of India and the most extended railway platform of India, Kharagpur is an industrial city located in the Paschim Medinipur District of West Bengal. The crime index of Kharagpur is nearly 44, which is pretty moderate. Crimes such as property crimes, theft, and robbery are moderate. The degree of corruption and bribery are a little higher than moderate. Walking alone during the day is very safe and secure, but it is not that safe during the night. Nevertheless, it is one of the most technologically advanced and educationally productive cities in West Bengal.

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