6 Easy Ways To Save Energy Through Home Automation

Written by: Trushna Purohit

The advancement in technology has given many choices for us. We are becoming more selective in our choices and demanding something new that changes our lifestyle. Over the years, the evolution of technologies has brought many changes in our working system step-by-step. These saved our time as well as energy. We are also the constant users of natural resources along with the technologies. Combination of these two has made our life more accessible to such an extent that we almost forgot about something called sustainable development. Yes, we are wasting resources. We are wasting the energy given by these technologies. We’re all are leading a busy life where sometimes we forget to save power, to save energy.

Some part of these problems can be solved with the help of home automation. This system has given you the power to control the various things around you according to your convenience. You can control lights, media, security, climate, video surveillance and many others from your mobile phones. The systems lower the energy consumption and also saves your money. It can change your environment and switches-off all the lights over one command. This is an excellent way to save energy!

1. Temperature regulation

The automation system in your home helps you to set the temperatures in your home according to your convenience. The temperature of ACs and heaters are automatically decreased when you are not in the home. This system also works with other devices like lights and fans. Installing such systems in your house helps you in saving money and gives you the peace of mind.

2. Controlling the lights

The home automation system of your home saves the energy by controlling the light system of your house. It turns off the lights when you aren’t at home or forgets to switch them off before leaving the room. This is done with motion sensors. The sensors turn the lights on when you are present in the room and turn them off when they are not in need. The sensors make sure that the lights are on only if there is someone inside and doesn’t waste energy by lighting the empty room. With this option, the levels of lighting can be changed to create an atmosphere in your house. You can dim the lights at any time.

3. Controlling the Ceiling fans

Programmed ceiling fans can turn off and on at the particular scheduled times. They also help the air conditioners and heaters to work correctly by circulating the warm and cold air. They consume less energy and helps with money savings.

4. Shades Down

I think all of you came across the situation where your room gets hot when the sun beats through the windows of your room. And to get rid of this, you will turn on your cooling systems to maintain the temperature of your room. Home automation systems help you to solve this kind of problems. Automated motorized shades operate on specific times and keep your room cool. You can also adjust the shades with the help of the buttons whenever you need.

5. “On and Off” Commands

Sometimes you forget to check your house to make sure that everything is proper before leaving the house. You might forget to switch off the lights when you are in a hurry. Don’t worry, your home automation system ensures that everything is fine in your house even if you forget something. There are multiple ways to do this. It can be done with a home security system, signalling from the motion sensor and closing the front door while going outputs the lights off with the help of connected sensors. There is an option called ‘all off’ that switch off all the lights over one command. This allows you to have some peace of mind and also saves energy.

6. Decreases Phantom Energy drain

Some devices drain the power even if they are turned off. The appliances that are plugged in but off still consume some amount of power. During this situation, you had only one option, and that was to unplug them when they are not in use. But this doesn’t happen with the home automation system which saves your money on electricity bills. Using smart plugs helps you in overcoming the problem. The plugs get disconnected when the devices are not in use.

7. How to control the smart homes

 We always want to protect our home in our absence. And for this, we need to set some robust security systems in our home. Systems like:

Sensors – that are commonly used on doors and windows which are the entry points of your home. These sensors alert you through smart devices when someone enters your house.

Automated locks – this is the perfect option for you to stop the burglars entering your house. You can lock the door with the automated locks from anywhere.

Alarms – if something worst happens in your home or your office, these alarm systems signals you. These can be set to alert you as soon as the incident happens.

Video Surveillance – this is to keep an eye on your property with the help of video surveillance. If you feel alarms alerts are false, you can confirm it by checking the footages on the smart device from any camera on the premise.