Five Safest Cities In Sikkim 

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Every time we move to a new place, a swarm of questions comes into our mind concerning necessary infrastructures like schools and hospitals, places to buy groceries and basic amenities, shopping malls, and a safe locality. Feeling afraid is natural as the crime rate is increasing day by day. The reason for this fear is that we are concerned about our family and our loved ones, and therefore we think of all the possibilities of keeping them safe. Travelling to a new place either for a vacation or due to a transfer can be very exciting and worrisome.

Here in this article, we cover one of the safest states of India, Sikkim. Sikkim, located in the north-eastern part of India, is a picturesque place. Bordered by Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal, Sikkim is rich in its biodiversity and scenic beauty. Its safety standards can be proved by thousands of solo women bike riders who travel to Sikkim and Darjeeling annually from Siliguri in West Bengal. Though crime rates are showing an increasing trend, the overall crimes are not that high. Looking for a break after this pandemic? Sikkim is the best option out there. Robbery and theft are very rare in Sikkim, and other crimes are pretty much moderate except for the property crimes are even higher than the national crime rates. There might be a slight increment in crime for the current year due to pandemic.

Let us list some of the cities of Sikkim that can be considered safe,

1. Mangan

Mangan, the capital of North Sikkim District and one of the oldest towns of Sikkim, records the lowest crimes in Sikkim. According to the statistics, Mangan has zero crime rates for the following categories – murder, robbery, and dacoity. It is the safest town in Sikkim. An improvement in property crimes has been recorded in recent years, and it has gone down by 70%. Mangan is a town known for its peaceful ambience and ancient monasteries.

      2. Gangtok 

           People who are keen on visiting the culture-centric North have been to Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, which is one of the most popular hill stations in India with alluring natural beauty. Gangtok is ranked as one of the safest cities of Sikkim with a meagre crime rate, it is a famous spot for tourism. There are instances of people dealing with drug cases, but the rate is low to moderate. Violent crimes such as vandalism theft and robbery are very low in Gangtok. Even assault cases are very few. The only highly significant crime that occurs in this city is corruption and bribery. Everything considered it is a very safe city with outstanding natural beauty.

3. Namchi 

    Namchi has very few criminal incidences. Namchi is comparatively less popular than other mainstream cities of Sikkim, but it has all the scenic beauty and culture that one needs to explore. It is slowly transforming into a tourist hub like other cities. Located in the southern Sikkim, it is only 78kms far from the capital of the state. Robbery and theft are exceptions in Namchi and incidences of dacoity are nearly zero. There are occurrences of riots, but they get resolved very fast. The aggregate rate of crimes is far below the national level.

4. Pelling 

Pelling is another beauty with a view of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world, clearly visible from the town. It is also a tourist hub like the rest of the cities in the state. Pelling has a moderate rate of criminal activities. Like other the rest of the Sikkim, there are very few instances of robbery, theft, and assault. It is a tiny town, and therefore, crimes are not that frequent. There may be riots due to various reasons, but Pelling is a very peaceful town and have a great ambience.

5. Gyalshing 

Flashing is one of the places in Sikkim where the rate of burglary is relatively higher than in other cities, but it has a lower chance of riots and other disturbances. The average rate of crimes in Gyalshing is shallow if compared to the national rate. Crimes under the violent category in Gyalshing is also significantly less than in other cities. The city is also known as getting and is the capital city of the Western Sikkim district.

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