Five safest cities In Karnataka

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Increase in crime rates is hitting our head in such a way that we are scared to step out of our house. When we are outside, of course, we worry about our house thinking if the doors are closed properly or forgotten something and many others. When we are inside the home, we still worry a lot. In both ways, it is problematic for us. We never know what happens at what time. That’s why we need to be always ready to face it and to be safe. Let’s think smartly. I think home automation might solve your problem. It has got various advantages and helps you in every angle. It even gives you the signals if there any kind of disaster is going to happen, which might damage you. You can keep complete control of your home even though if you are at other places.

Getting back to the point, for some cities are safe now because of the lockdown where there are significantly fewer possibilities for the occurrences of significant crimes and for some, it’s different. The lockdown period has also made people commit some minor crimes like theft and robbery. But, the point is we all are tired of this lockdown. But this has also helped us in reducing the crime rates. So, can’t blame it entirely.

Let’s explore some of the cities in Karnataka. Let’s see how safe they are.

1. Bangalore

Let’s begin with Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka and considered as safest city in Karnataka. It’s a very well developed city, and people from different corners of the world live here. Some have very posh lifestyle, and some lead a very everyday life. According to 2014 reports, Bangalore was ranked as 3rd safest city for women. Its relatively safe city and the occurrences of organised crimes are significantly less. Women are treated very well here. It’s an amiable city. But you might come across pickpockets and some other minor crimes. It is safer than any other metro cities in India but still, you need to be very alert when you are out. Significant crimes like kidnappings are not more in the city, especially not towards foreigners. Scam rates are very high in Bangalore. There are possibilities of sexual assaults in the city, and hence it’s not safe for a woman to roam outside during nights.

2. Mangalore

Mangalore is the chief port city of India in Karnataka. It is the second biggest city in Karnataka after Bangalore. The place is very famous for the temples and attracts tourists by its beaches. According to the Ease of Living Index 2018, which was released by the ministry of housing and urban affairs, Mangalore was considered as the most liveable and safest city in Karnataka. It was ranked 33rd place in safety and security. Woman are much safer in Mangalore in Karnataka. But there are some communal clashes by politicians in Mangalore. The city’s known for its cleanliness and is a hub for educational institutions. You need to be aware of pickpockets.

3. Hubli

Hubli, also called as Hubballi is the city in north Karnataka. It also the place for more number of government offices. According to 2012 reports, Hubli-Dharwad, the twin cities were considered as the safest cities. The crimes in Hubli-Dharwad were lower than the average state. People are very friendly and kind natured. It is the place for multi-linguistic people. It is a perfect place to live.

4. Mysore

Mysore, also called Mysuru, is the city in Karnataka. The place is known for the royal heritage, buildings and monuments. It’s a safe city with very humble people. It is considered as the cleanliest city in India. The level of crime such as vandalism, theft, robbery and assaults are moderate. It is not a very posh city like Bangalore but is safe and calm.

5. Manipal

Manipal is the place located in Udupi district. This is the home for Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It is also one of the cosmopolitan towns in India. The place is lovely. Manipal is mostly safe and is better to avoid roaming outside in midnights. It has a criminal history in the past, but in response to that, many improvements have been made for the safety of the people. Manipal is also one of the safest city in Karnataka.

All the five cities mentioned above are well developed and can able to adopt the home automation system for their safety.

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