Five Safest Cities In Haryana 

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Haryana can be found on the northern side of the country. The state is also popularly known as the “home of gods”. But are the people living by in the state can be considered safe from an overall point of view? Because criminal cases have been increasing in the Haryana. Within two years, Haryana witnessed a 45% hike in the crime rate. Crime against women saw a hike in the numbers as the count increased to 14,326, which was 9839 during the year 2016. After that, the state government of Haryana took a decision and immediately opened 34 police stations, especially for women.

Apart from the crime report, not all the cities of Haryana can be stated as unsafe for women and children. Because there, not a single state which has zero levels of criminal cases in all its cities. Similarly, certain cities have shown fruitful results in terms of providing a better environment for the people that ensure safety and security.

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The point is we love the surrounding that not only provides beautiful destinations but also safety to its people. Therefore, we are going to highlight the cities of Haryana that provide safety to its people. Safest city  in harayana includes minimal or zero levels of crime, you should not always worry about your children getting hurt or someone causing them harm, minimal rate of robbery, and murder cases. Although some cities cannot guarantee you with 100% security and also commonly found in neighbouring countries.

Here we have listed the cities having lower crime rates as compared to the national average crime rate. 

1. Karnal

The Karnal city of Haryana state is considered to be one of the safest cities. The crime rate of the city is somewhat low as compared to other cities of Haryana. The average crime rate has been declining in Karnal. During the year 2016, a crime against women stood at 94, which has now reduced to 71. Similarly, cases involving theft and dacoity were also reduced to 57 and 07, respectively. Domestic violence cases have also reduced to a new lower level in Karnal. Isn’t it a great thing? Yes! Karnal has proved itself to be one of the safest cities from an overall point of view.

2. Jhajjar 

Jhajjar city of Haryana state is famous for its numerous temples. Bhimeswari Devi temple is one of the most famous ones among all the temples. Apart from all the beautiful historical places, Jhajjar is considered to be one of the safest cities with the lowest crime rate in the Haryana state. The city has the lowest count of crime as compared to the national average count. The total number of crimes against women can be found at the lowest level – 1.77. Thus, Jhajjar proved itself as it is improving in terms of providing a secure environment to its people, especially to its women and children.

3. Kaithal 

As compared to the national average crime rate, Kaithal has the lowest count so far. The least number of property crimes can be found in this city of Haryana. Kaithal city has recorded 1.49% of robbery, which is far less the national rate. Similarly, cases involving theft and crime against women has reduced by 50%. As earlier the count was 30.77% and 2.78% which has reduced to its half. Apart from being famous for “Anjali ka Tilla” (lord hanuman’s mother), Kaithal has amazed everyone by providing an environment that ensures safety and security to its people living by.

4. Yamuna Nagar

Yamunanagar city of Haryana state has a crime rate of 209.27%, which is somewhat lower than that of the national average crime rate, which stands at 218.67%. People living by in the city have encountered the least number of cases involving theft and robbery. The safety index of the Yamuna Nagar city is far better than the crime index of the city. As the city stood at 88.48 in the safety index. Women feel safe to walk alone at night in Yamuna Nagar. Isn’t it a great thing so far? Therefore, it can be said that the city does fall under the category of the safest city.

5. Sirsa 

Sirsa city apart from being an attraction for tourist, it also provides an environment that ensures proper safety and security to its people. People who are living by and those who are planning to start a life in the Sirsa city of Haryana, then it is the best idea. As the city will never fail as there will be a minimal number of criminal cases from the overall point of view. The total number of murder cases in Sirsa has reduced to a new lower level – 2.63%.

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