Five Safest Cities In Chattisgarh

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Chhattisgarh is geographically located in the east-central part of India. The state has attracted a lot of tourists because of its beautiful destinations, including ancient old temples. Apart from being attracting tourist, does the state provides utmost priority to its visitors or not? In terms of crime, Chhattisgarh has so far recorded 345.1 total cognizable offences. But is this the scenario in all the cities of the particular state or only a few of them are responsible?

Because we all need an environment that ensures safety. Apart from all other priorities, safety still tops the list. You cannot always constantly get worried about your and your family’s well-being. Of course, you will, but that doesn’t matter you have to look after their safety all the time by leaving behind your work.

With the outbreak of such a horrifying virus, the lives of people are still getting hampered. Most of the people lost their jobs, and unfortunately, most of them also lost their homes as they had to switch places. It feels like some sort of time-lapse happened as we are locked for more than six months, and we cannot even do anything about it. People who had made a proper plan for their summer vacation seem like that plan doesn’t hold anymore. We have come up with the positive side of the scenario. Since lockdown has been enforced by the government, there are has been a minimal level of crimes in the cities of Chhattisgarh.

The point is we love the surrounding that not only provides beautiful destinations but also safety to its people. Therefore, we are going to highlight the cities of Chhattisgarh that provide safety to its people. Safety from an overall point of view includes minimal or zero levels of crime, you should not always worry about your children getting hurt or someone causing them harm, minimal rate of robbery, and murder cases. Although some cities cannot guarantee you with 100% security, it is commonly found in neighbouring countries as well.

Here’s the list of cities that have worked rigorously towards ensuring safety to its people and thus have also installed home automation which guarantees utmost safety. Home automation will help you in getting rid of constant worries regarding safety.

1. Raipur 

Raipur is the capital city of the state Chhattisgarh. Apart from being the capital city, it also falls under the list of safest cities. As the crime rate in Raipur is found to be lowest than any other city in the tin country. The index bar shows that the safety index of the capital city (Raipur) is far better than the crime index. Because the safety index lies at 67.04, whereas the crime index of Raipur lies at 32.96. Crime cases involving theft was also found at the lowest level as the rate was 34.72.

Similarly, people faced 28.15% of robbery cases which is, of course, the lowest level as compared to the other cities of the state. Raipur ensures 85.26% of safety while someone walks alone during the night as well as in the daylight also. Thus, apart from being famous for its steel plants, Raipur provides such an environment that ensures safety and security for its people.

Also, the Raipur city has installed home automation which further helped the city to maintain a proper security level

2. Jagdalpur

People have various misconceptions about the Jagdalpur city of Chhattisgarh. From the crime report and various visitors’ experiences, it can be concluded that Jagdalpur falls under the safest city category after the capital city – Raipur. Tribal communities of the city feel much safer than any other city of the state. As during the Dussehra time, various tribal groups or communities can be seen taking over the streets and enjoying the festive season. Jagdalpur has also recorded the lowest number of crime rates including, theft and robbery cases, burglary cases, murders, and other such crimes against women and children. People living by in the city have positively reviewed and marked Jagdalpur as one of the safest cities.

3. Bilaspur

As per the report uploaded by the government of India, Bilaspur has so far recorded a minimal level of the crime rate. In comparison with the national average crime rate, the Bilaspur count has improved. The city has recorded a rate of 193.23 crime which is still diminishing each month. The property crime count has also been reduced by 12.15%. Bilaspur’s count of theft and robbery cases has recorded a new lower level, thus making the environment safer. The safety index of the city shows far better results than the crime index of the city. As the city recorded 81.47 in the safety index. Apart from all these, Bilaspur promises 70% of a secure environment for women and as well as children while walking alone during the night.

4. Dhamtari 

Dhamtari city of Chhattisgarh has recorded the lowest level of crime cases (148.67) as compared to the national average crime rate (218.67). Among all the criminal cases, the murder count has reduced by 2%. Property crimes of Dhamtari have also reduced by 25.38%. Isn’t it a great thing? People living by her feel much safer after other cities like – Raipur, Jagdalpur, and Bilaspur. The city has also shown fruitful results by recording minimal cases in terms of theft and robbery. Thus, from the statistics, it can be concluded that Dhamtari ensures an environment that works towards the safety and security of the people.

5. Mahasamund 

Mahasamund city of the Indian state Chhattisgarh has the lowest crime rate of 169.06 as compared to the national average crime rate. As per the crime report submitted by the government of India, it can be concluded that the people living by in the Mahasamund city feel much safer than any other city of India. Women living here never hesitate to walk along during the night or even in the daylight. Parents feel it safe to leave behind their children alone at home. Thus, Mahasamund provides such an environment that works towards the safety and security of its people as the utmost priority.

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