Five Safest Cities In Jharkhand

Written by: Trushna Purohit

Safety is the one thing that we worry a lot about. Wherever we go, we need to be safe. The place where we live, where we go, where we travel needs to be safe for us. We are living in a safe zone. We never chose to travel in the way where we aren’t safe enough. So, what is safe for us? We all have a variety of answers to this question. For some safety is living in the area where people are generous to them and for some safety is living in the area where there is less crime rate. Murder, robbery, kidnap, and rapes are what we are scared of. Of course, there can be no places or cities where there are no crimes, at least the minor crimes. So, we choose to live in places which have the least occurrences of crime. That’s the final option for us! So now, let’s discuss how safe the cities are in Jharkhand.

Before we get started, let’s have a look at how we can overcome this kind of minor crimes smartly. I think you all have heard about something called home automation. That means having a smart home. Installing the home automation system in your house helps you a lot to get rid of minor crimes like robbery. I’ll tell you how this works. Setting up the security cameras helps you to know about the activities happening around your home, and you can watch this from anywhere even if you aren’t in the home. Having the smart locks to your doors helps you in controlling who can let in and who cannot. Similarly, there are many ways that the home automation system can benefit you. So, make the right choice.

Now, let’s go through some of the cities of Jharkhand and how safe they are.

1. Ranchi

Ranchi, which is known as the capital city of Jharkhand, is the 4th largest city in India by area. The city is popularly known for its ethnic handicrafts and metal works, and hence it is one of the famous shopping destinations. The travellers get to experience the unexpected beauty of the city. Ranchi is considered as one of the safe city in Jharkhand. Many of the residents of Ranchi also says that it is one of the safest city. The city has an excellent public place where everyone can roam freely without any fear. The city has the right type of transport system like busses and metros that runs until late at night. But, it’s better to not to take the risk of roaming outside during the night. Level of crimes such as dealing with the drugs, vandalism, theft, assault and robbery are moderate. The place is also safe for a woman.

2. Jamshedpur

The largest city in Jharkhand and the most popular urban agglomeration in India. As we all know, it is the home for Tata steels and Tata motors. It is also considered as the ‘Industrial Cities’ of India or “The Steel City.” Coming to the safety part, the city is very safe though there are minor crimes and the people are very kind and helpful. The place is also safe for girls. The crime rates in Jamshedpur was high in the past few years, but now they are decreasing. The level of dealing with the drug is shallow in the city. Theft, vandalism, assault and robbery are in moderate levels. The police if the steel city has launched a patrolling van to save girls coming across various types of harassment in public places.

3. Deoghar

Deoghar is one of the districts in Jharkhand and is the central city of the district. It is known for Baidyanatha Dham, a Hindu pilgrimage site. Deoghar has significantly fewer crime rates, especially the major ones. There are minor crimes like thefts and pickpocket,, but it is safe from the major ones like murders, snatching, kidnapping, sexual assaults etc. It is even safe to roam outside at night. It has the best educational institutions and also is low cost for living. The place is spotless and pollution-free.

4. Dhanbad

Dhanbad, the second most populated city in India. It is commonly called as the ‘Coal Capital of India.’ It is one of the successful commercial places in India. Dhanbad is also considered as the safest place to live or to visit in Jharkhand. People in Dhanbad are amiable and are helpful. The place is safe for girls and can even travel at midnight. The place has all types of facilities. It is also the right place for the educational system.

5. Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is the city in Jharkhand and is also a municipal corporation in Hazaribagh district. It is famous for Wildlife Sanctuary and as a health resort. The place is safe for girls as compared to other metropolitan cities. It is also the right tourist spot.

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