Five Safest Cities in Gujarat 

Written by: Trushna Purohit

All of us deserve to live a serene life without any fear of crimes. In this uncertain world, fearing the anti-socials in natural. All we want is ourselves and our families to be safe and secure. Whenever we plan to shift to a different place, we research into various things about the place, starting from the necessary infrastructures like schools and hospitals to the shops and malls that provide basic amenities and entertainment. Another one of the vital things that we research into is the safety of that place. We look into the news related to crimes from that particular place, ask around to get some information, and look out for police stations.

Crimes all over India are increasing due to the pandemic that has created mass unemployment. No state has been an exception to this adversary created by this unfortunate lockdown. In this situation, some of the states are trying to control the increasing crimes, and one of those states in Gujarat. Gujarat has shown incredible improvement in eradicating crimes to a low extent, such as vandalism, theft, assault, and armed robbery. Thefts and robbery are inevitable during this mass unemployment, and so, proper measures are to be taken to prevent these kinds of activities. Gujarat has a reputation for low crimes as it has a low crime index and a high safety index making it one of the safest states of India and has the 7th rank in the safest states list. Statistics show that it has a fair amount of safety for a person walking alone during the day and as well as during the night hours. The following are some of the safest cities of Gujarat,

1. Surat

Known for its textile sector that provides a vast number of employments to the people all over India, Surat is one of the fastest-growing cities of Gujarat. The size of the city is enormous and compared to the rest of the cities, Surat stands as the eighth large city in India. There has been a very moderate increase in crimes in the past 3 years. Almost all of the categories of a criminal offence are very much moderate in Surat. There are very few cases of robbery, theft, and vandalism. Even if it is a vast city, it has efficiently maintained a low rate of crime. The city values women’s safety, and there have been fewer incidences of crimes targeted to women. The degree of corruption is moderate, like the rest of the cities in India. Not only there are few incidences of crimes, but also it has the cleanest of the streets and has the best shopping places.

  • 2. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, a dry city(alcohol-free), is the former capital of Gujarat and is the largest city of the state. The workplace for women is very safe, and women can roam freely without any fear. The crime index of Ahmedabad is 31, which is very low. Even the crimes recorded in recent years have been increasing at a meagre rate. The overall criminal incidences are very moderate, and the crimes related to robbery, vandalism, and theft are very low. It is even safe for your cars as the cases of stolen cars are very few. The city is mostly a hub for service sectors and industries, it has been growing into a hub for education as well.

  • 3. Gandhinagar

With the reputation of a planned city, Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat. It is home to Akshardham temple which is a massive temple for Hindus. Gandhinagar has witnessed a meagre crime rate over the past years. The crime index for this capital city stands at 23.53, which indicates very low crime. Statistics show that the safety index for a person walking alone on the road during the broad daylight is as high as 88 and a person walking alone on the road during the night is 72. This clearly states that it is a very safe city and has been a safe place for women as well. There have been very few cases of crimes ranging from small thefts to violent crimes of assaults and murders. There has been an insignificant increment in the crime rate over the past few years.

  • 4. Vadodara

More than two million people and one single land that everyone calls “home”- Vadodara, the cultural capital of Gujarat. This land is the favourite of the retired as well as a hub for all the students. After Chandigarh, Vadodara is considered to be one of the safest cities in the country. Speaking of safety, in this city, there is hardly any fear of crime, especially against women. For the residents of Vadodara, one of the best indicators of ‘safety’ is the successful establishment of Garba Nights. When your city’s ladies can roam about the streets during late nights, you know that your city is a safe place to reside. They have managed to maintain this image for a very long time which helped them bag the rank of the ‘second safest city in India’.

  • 5. Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar, home to many beautiful temples, has a really moderate level of crime. The crime index of Bhavnagar is 33.16, which is very moderate. It is very safe to move around on the streets without any fear of getting snatched or robbed. These crimes are very low in Bhavnagar. There might be instances of thieves breaking into the house, but they are being checked as well. There are low chances of getting your car stolen. Cases of corruption are also very moderate in this city.

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