Five Safest Cities In Punjab 

With every passing day, the crime rates are soaring high. There is a constant fear of snatching, robbery, and assault. We fear for our loved ones and all the people living near us. When we move to a different city or a state for whatever reasons, we make prior research of its necessary infrastructures like schools, hospitals, and shopping malls and most importantly how safe is that place to live with family.

This city deals with some of the cities in Punjab that are relatively safe than other cities in Punjab. Punjab lies in the Northwest of India and has charming cities with kind and boisterous people. The delicacies are famous worldwide. The majority of the population in Punjab practice Hinduism and Sikhism. The local language of Punjab is Punjabi, but languages such as Hindi and English are also spoken in some cities. The state is infamous for drug dealing and various types of other crimes. Now due to the pandemic, poverty, and unemployment are expected, and these factors urge the underprivileged individuals to commit crimes. Punjab is not an exception, all other states are experiencing the same problem. This shouldn’t discourage us from taking a break from all the stress and depression we have suffered due to this pandemic. We all need a vacation and searching for the best places and adding them to our bucket list is the only thing we can do in this shutdown. Preplanning happy vacations gives hope and mental peace.

Punjab is not only a great place to live in but also a place that gives a distinct feeling of country-side life with a hint of urbanization. Rich in greenery and culture that one cannot miss. The pandemic has helped some of the cities have grown out of criminal activities and have become very safe. The following are the five safest cities of Punjab,

1. Amritsar

Amritsar is the safest city in Punjab with a level of crime standing at 38.79, which is considered as a meagre crime rate and a high safety index of 61.21. It is the second-largest city of the State, and it has been showing a fair amount of growth rate. The crime rate of Amritsar has been increasing at a decreasing rate. The worries about robbing, stolen car, and theft have decreased significantly. One of the most critical problems of families is the safety of women, and you might be happy to know that Amritsar has the highest safety standards for women. The only crime that has been persistent in recent years in bribery. Nevertheless, the city is home to the well-known Golden temple and has been chosen as a Heritage City by the government of India.

2. Bathinda 

Bhatinda, the second safest city in Punjab, is very famous for its thermal plants. It has its level of crime standing at 39, which a low rate. Though theft and robbery are not that significantly deep, the concerns of people dealing with drugs are still alarming. Various measures are being taken to tackle drug dealers such as screening vehicles and suspicious people. Talking about statistics, walking alone in the streets of Bathinda has a safety rate of 75%, so we can assume that it is reasonably safe. Bathinda has its other concerns apart from crimes like environmental crisis which has been increasing over the past few years.

3. Chandigarh 

Chandigarh is not only a city but also one of the Union Territories of India. Perks of Being a well-planned city, it is famous for its grand architecture. The level of crime ranges between 42-43, which is a moderate crime level, and the safety index for this city is 57. The overall increase in the crime rate over the past years is high but rating the crimes individually, they have a moderate degree of occurrence. Various crimes related to insults, physical assaults, robbery, and stolen cars are significantly low in recent years. The degree of corruption and the crimes related to drugs are also moderate. Therefore, it is considered a reasonably safe city. It has a high HDI value which depicts that the quality of living standards of people has increased quite a bit.

4. Ludhiana 

Ludhiana, the largest city of Punjab, is moderately safe compared to the rest of small cities. Ludhiana has been labelled as one of the smart cities of India with its growing economy and infrastructure. The crime rates ranging in the city are from 56-57, which is pretty moderate as compared to the rest of the cities belonging to different states. The safety index of the city is nearly 48. Various crimes related to theft and robbery, insults and assaults, and stolen cars are moderate. Though the degree of corruption and bribery is still very high. Strolling in the night is not that safe as there can be cases of robbery and snatching. Apart from this, one can easily travel during the day and visit all the beautiful places that the city holds. It is a well-connected city, so travelling by road is not difficult.

5. Jalandhar 

Jalandhar is a well-connected city, and it lies to the north-west of Chandigarh. It has a moderate level of crime, i.e., 66, and has a safety index of 39. The level of crime has been increasing each year with drug dealing and corruption being the highest rate of crimes. Fortunately, crimes related to robbery, theft, and assaults are moderate and decreasing. Jalandhar is on its way of becoming a smart city, and currently, it is in the second phase of the process.

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