Five Safest Cities In Odisha

Written by: Trushna Purohit

The Indian state – Odisha, which was earlier known as Orissa, is located on the eastern side of India. West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh are the neighbouring states of Odisha. The state comprises a coastline of 485 kilometres. Odisha stands third in the population list of scheduled tribes and stands at the 11th position for having the largest population of the country. Bande Utkala Janani is the National Anthem of Odisha.

The state has a total of 30 number districts among which Bhubaneswar is the capital city of the state. Odia language is the mother tongue of Odisha. Previously, Cuttack was the capital of the state during c 1135 and was ruled by many British rulers until 1948, and then Bhubaneswar was crowned as the capital of the city. Odisha stands at the 16th in terms of the state’s economy with 4.16 lakh crore and 93000 rupees in the gross domestic product (GDP) and GDP per capita.

The state was crowned with the GI tag during the year 2019 on 29th July after fighting for so long with the neighbouring state “West Bengal”. Some exciting destinations will attract every traveller’s attention as the natural beauty of such destinations of Odisha is very captivating and will make you feel the vibes of serene. Among such destinations, some of them are – Bhitarkanika National Park, Chilka Lake, Daringbadi, Konark – popularly known as the Sun Temple, and Simlipal National Park as well. Thus, the land of Odisha is full of religious and cultural feels. But is Odisha safe? If yes then how much and which cities of Odisha are safer to travel?

Here are some of the listed cities of Odisha that are safe as per the reports of individual statistics and records.

1. Bhubaneswar

As per the report released by the Global Smart City Performance, the capital of the state Odisha – Bhubaneswar was ranked at the 13th most position in terms of the safest city. Although there are other districts and cities of Odisha which also fall under the safest category, Bhubaneswar tops the position as per the official report by Global Smart City Performance. Bhubaneswar along with the tag of the 13th safest city in the world also got the same award under specific categories which are – crime level in the city, level and quality of law enforcement, and mortality rate as well. Apart from getting crowned for the top smart city of India, the capital city has also been awarded for urban transport facilities which include both private as well as public facilities, health services, and also in terms of productivity as well. The eastern state stands at the 18th most position for the criteria as mentioned above. In terms of a crime report, statistics suggest that Bhubaneswar a total number of 6601 cognizable offences. If compared with other districts, the capital city is safe for women and children to travel. The temple city is full of religious and cultural histories.

2. Rourkela

The city Rourkela is situated on the northern side od Odisha, India. Rourkela is also crowned as Sundargarh districts headquarter. Covered with rivers like Koel, Sankha, and Brahmani, the city Rourkela is lovely and one of the safest cities of the Odisha state. The city is well-known as the steel city of Odisha. Rourkela steel plant is crowned as the top-most steel plant in India. It has one of the prestigious National Institutes of Technology. During the year 2016, in the month of September, the city (Rourkela) opted for a smart city in the third phase. 3rd March is celebrated as the day of Rourkela each year. One of the prestigious moments for people living in Rourkela was when the city got crowned as the fastest moving/growing city of India. In terms of crimes, a report statistically showed that Rourkela had committed a total number of 508 crimes cases Hence it can be said that Rourkela falls under the category of one of the safest cities of Odisha. There are some beautiful destinations which are considered to be safest for women and children as well.

3. Deogarh

Deogarh can be found at the north-west side of the Odisha state. Formally, Deogarh is known as the headquarter of a district called Debagarh. Deogarh falls on the lowest position in the list that shows districts with the highest number of crime cases. The city – Deogarh has so far recorded a total number of 327 cognizable offence cases. Out of which statistics shows that as of the year 2019 if the data are compared with other districts of Odisha, then it entails that Deogarh is one of the safest cities of the state.

4. GRP Cuttack – The Silver City

Cuttack was popularly known as the capital city of the state before Bhubaneswar became during the year 1948.  The city is also called as The Millennium City and sometimes The Silver City as well. The reason behind such other names of Cuttack is the thousand years of history. Silver filigree works that were carried out on the city has led the path towards Cuttack being called as the silver city, its prestigious though. The city has been crowned with 2nd rank in Odisha. Cuttack has recorded a total number of 679 cognizable offence cases as of the year 2019. Therefore, the city also falls under the category of one of the safest cities as the total number of crimes are far less than that compared to the districts like Sambalpur, Dhenkanal, etc.

5. Boudh

Boudh city was established during the year 1994 on 2nd January. The crime report of the city entails that so far until the year 2019, the city has recorded a total of 987 cognizable offence cases. Generally, Boudh is considered to be the safest area for both women and children, as the 2019 statistics show. Hence, it can be concluded from the facts that undoubtedly, Boudh also falls under the safest cities category along with Cuttack, Rourkela, Deogarh, and Bhubaneswar. Boudh is famous for having ancient historical places, caves, and also for Buddha statues. Hence, you should once visit such a beautiful city if you ever make your way towards Odisha.

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