Five Uttar Pradesh Safest Cities

Generally, Uttar Pradesh carries a different impression among the people of India. In terms of safety and security, the state receives a mixture of reviews. Usually, people assume that Uttar Pradesh lacks behind in terms of providing a safe environment. They say that the state gives birth to murderers and other criminal groups. Being an epicentre of Indian culture and having beautiful destinations; still, the state has been receiving criticism for not providing the utmost security to its people. As per the statistics, the report points out that Uttar Pradesh recorded 43% of hate crimes leading to an unsafe area for the minorities. But is it real in the case of all the cities of UP or only a few are responsible for such a thing?

Safety is such a thing that each and every corner of the state is trying their best to provide and maintain. Nowadays, maintaining the safety and security of people has become a big challenge. Most of people will regularly be found getting worried about their children’s safety when they are left alone at home. Such consistency in getting worried can be reduced with the help of home automation as well. As you can also ensure your and your family’s safety with the installation of home automation that helps you in not being a victim of various crimes like murder, theft, robbery, etc.

Although no state can assure its citizen with a 100% guarantee still some of their cities, have shown fruitful results in providing a better society with safety as an utmost priority. With alarming cases of coronavirus, there have been some positive effects as well because some cities witnessed a decreased level in their crime rate. Here we will highlight some cities of Uttar Pradesh which have not failed in providing a safe society to live by.

1. Varanasi

Apart from being an epicentre of tourist with its various cultural and religious environment, the city has shown an outstanding result in providing safety to its people and visitors as well. In terms of safety index, Varanasi received 59.54%, which is far more than the crime index of the city. Women and children feel much safer in Varanasi than any other city of Uttar Pradesh. The city has so far recorded a minimal level of criminal cases against women. The dowry death cases in Varanasi has also reduced. During the year 2008, the total of dowry death cases was found to be 101, which further reduced to 85 during the year 2010.

Similarly, the total count of crimes against women fell from 29 to 22. The numbers are considerably decreasing each year and making the city safer in general terms. In comparison with the capital city of the state – Lucknow, Varanasi falls under the category of the safest city of Uttar Pradesh.

2. Faizabad

Faizabad is considered to be the safest next to the city – Varanasi. The crime report data points out that the count of crime in the city is decreasing each year. From an overall point of view, there has been a decrease of 6.09% in the total number of crime cases. Isn’t it the happiest moment for the people who are living by in the city and those who are planning to move to that city as well? In terms of crime against women, the city has also recorded a fruitful result. As the count decreased with a rate of 13.67%, marking the way towards the growth. The number of robbery cases also showed a declining rate as it is far below the national average rate. Similarly, crimes like theft, kidnapping, burglary also showed a new lower level. Thus, it can be concluded that Faizabad, along with its beautiful destinations, also provides an environment that ensures safety to its women and children.

3. Moradabad

Moradabad is considered to be one of the safest cities in the state – Uttar Pradesh. The city can be found on the western side of UP. Currently, Moradabad is well-known for its administrative, commercial, and industrial procedures. The crime rate in the city is found to be far less than the national average crime rate. Moradabad recorded a rate of of78.52 crimes, whereas the nation as a whole recorded a rate of 218.67 crimes. Thus, making the city to be one of the safest cities in Uttar Pradesh. Criminaoffenseses like murder, theft, robbery, burglary, etc. were also found on a new lower level, as the number of murders reduced by 1.89%.

Similarly, burglary and theft count also reduced by 2.1% and 14.98% respectively. Although the city is also popularly known as “The City of Brass” it has also shown tremendous improvement in terms of safety. Therefore, from an overall standpoint, it can be concluded that Moradabad is honestly working towards the safety of its people, giving much more importance to the safety and security of its women and children as well. Thus, Moradabad is a safer place to live by.

4. Gorakhpur 

Gorakhpur can be found at the northeast side of the Uttar Pradesh. Apart from being an epicentre of religious works, Gorakhpur also provides a safe and secure environment to the people living by. Although the city has numerous historical records, it has also recorded a new lower level of the crime rate. The safety index of the city is found to be 54.90, which far more than the crime index of the city. Gorakhpur ensures that its people return safely to their homes during the night also. Since the pandemic has taken place in the country, the city has recorded a declining rate in the total number of crime cases. Cases including murder, theft, robbery, were recorded at a minimal level.

5. Firozabad

Along with cities like Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Faizabad, Moradabad, there is also another city that falls under the same category – the safest cities of Uttar Pradesh. With the lowest crime rate as compared with the rate of the national average, Firozabad ensures an environment that works towards the safety and security of its people, especially towards its women and small children.

Thus, the above highlighted points suggest that not all the cities of Uttar Pradesh fail in providing a safer environment. Hence, it’s misleading that Uttar Pradesh gives birth to criminal offences because these five cities of the state are honestly working towards ensuring safety.

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