Benefits of Home Automation

Written by: Sushma Patil

The 21st century’s technology has taken us to an unpredictable world where the fantasy world has come to reality. Of course, all of us has imagined the world where we could control the things around us from one place. And, can we believe that we all have taken a step forward in converting that imagination into reality. Yes, it is about home automation. We all know that the internet can be connected to computers and mobile phones. But, do you know that it can also be connected to other smart devices in your homes like a clock, speakers, water heaters, windows, cameras and many other. And you can control all these through your smartphones which follows your commands and communicates with you. This is called home automation. It is automative and the electronic control of all the other devices around you over one command. This can include a smart thermostat, security systems, controlling the lights, smart devices in the kitchen and many other. A homeowner can now convert his/her house to a smart house. And there are many ways this system called home automation can benefit you. Let’s see how this is possible.

1. It adds safety

Our safety matters are more than any other things. Home automation makes you feel safer. Here, your homes will have an advanced security system which makes you feel safer. You can check if all the switches are on or off in your smartphone. With the help of the smart security cameras, you can monitor who is near your house, who is at the door, what all is happening outside and you can even open the doors for them using smart locks through your smartphone. You can unlock and lock the entrances for your office every day.

2. It gives you an early warning

Your home automation systems will protect you from disastrous situations by giving you the early warnings to prepare to face the situations. Your smart home protects you, and if something serious happens such as flood or fire due to short circuit, the sensors will alert you to that problem in a short time. And this helps you to create a safer zone around you and can save your things from any further damages.

3. It is accessible for everyone

This type of home automation system is more helpful for physically disabled persons. Unlike average persons, disabled ones have limited mobility and less physical activities. Through this type of system, they get the freedom to control the things around them. The home automation system is accessible to everyone.

4. It reminds you always

The home automation system helps you to check on your devices or appliances to make sure that they are off if you are heading out of your house. It reminds you always about the devices before you leave home.

5. It allows you to control from one place

If you remember that you haven’t switched off the lights while you are already on the bed, you can do it through your smartphone instead of going back to switch off those. Home automation helps you to do this by letting you control all the things around you. You are also able to set timings for the person to enter your home to let them in through your smartphones. This helps you to keep in control of your situation.

  6. It saves your resources

Home automation system allows you to control the things when you aren’t at home. It lets you stop and start the sprinkler system in your lawn with the help of your smartphone. Through the cameras, you can see if the water is getting wasted so that you can shut the sprinklers off. Similarly, you can stop any of the resources getting wasted like this through your smartphones controlling from anywhere. With this, you are also contributing to the economy by using the resource which is necessary only. 

7. It is helpful for aged people

The task becomes difficult for elders or aged people. With this type of system in their home, they can overcome this problem. They can control the things through voice command from controlling the electronic things in the house to recording the grocery list.

8. It increases your home value

Of course, a home with the smart devices in it is an expensive one. People love such types of houses, and they would like to buy them even though it is costly. Hence, home automation increases the value of the house.Some insurances offer incentives or discounts for those using smart devices. Smart homes save energy. You can control and set the climate and lightings according to your usage and also smart appliances stops using energy during the peak demands responding to the utility company’s signals.

9. Safe for little ones

It is usual that the little ones or babies go here and there and sometimes out from home. Automating your home helps you to install automated locks that keep the babies safe inside your home. You can keep an eye on your kids as well. The security cameras also help you to keep an eye on them.

 10. It is an evolving technology

The most significant advantage of your home automation system is that access to progressing technology. With the new features, the system can be updated accordingly for your safety and comfort.

11. It saves your time

You don’t have to pause your essential work and run to open the doors or to switch on and off something. Smart devices can do it for you. Bottom line it’s time-saving.

12. A calm state of mind

It is for those who always worry about their home if they have taken care of everything before leaving home. Home automation will help you to set everything and offers peace of mind. You can see what is going on in your house with your absence and to check if everything is in order.

We all are heading towards the development of our future. Development of new technologies like this will benefit us a lot in many aspects. Home automation is cost-effective and saves our time. It makes us feel safe and secure.

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