Andra Pradesh Five Safest Cities

written by: Shreyasi Datta

Fear is something that lives within us for numerous reasons. We fear for our safety, the safety of our loved one and if where we are situated in a safe locality or region. Before moving to a city or a state, we look into factors that primarily concern to safety. No doubt about that! As parents, many of us want to know if the new place we’re going to call home is as safe and livable as we want it to be for our children and the family. Sometimes we want to know that the locality or city we’re living in is safe enough to be living. So, considering all these concerns, we’re going to share with you the five safest cities of Andhra Pradesh in 2020.

Safety comes in various forms, like not having your home robbed, hoping nobody causes harm to your kids, decrease in rates of rape, murder rates and theft are the most critical factors we look for. Some cities in India are undoubtedly not considered safe, but it is the same scenarios in every other country

 No doubt the pandemic has caused a lot of trouble to people all over the world, jobs have been lost, houses were asked to vacant, and people got affected by the virus and the most important thing we had to all stay at home for over three months now. No place to go for a little break lost the summer break period and fun, and there’s more that we know I don’t have to mention to make us feel even sadder. But while we’re picking on the negative side of the effect of the virus, let’s not forget the positive side of us being at home for nearly four months now. Luckily for some of these cities in Andhra Pradesh, the rates of theft, rape, murder have reduced ever since the nationwide lockdown was announced. See I told you there is an excellent side to the lockdown.


In the city of Vijayawada, ever since the nationwide lockdown was announced, crime rates, murders, rapes and theft have tremendously. According to reports, usually at an approximate count of 50 -55 cases were filed every day related to property theft, loot and burglary in a day. Isn’t it shocking it? But now the authorities say the numbers have now reduced to five to six cases a day only. If you ask us what about bodily offence cases police reports from January say that, a minimum of 60 cases would be filed every day for rape, murder, kidnapping etc. which have now reduced to three or four a day. Other crimes such as white-collar crimes have gone down from 30 cases to one or two being registered a day, and cyberbullying cases has reduced to zero! Yup, nothing at all.


Tirupati city is famously known as the temple city for its Tirupati Balaji Temple visited by millions of devotees every year across the globe. Some people may have mistaken it to be a tourist location only but let me clear it to you that Tirupati is not just a tourist location/city but is just like the other cities of the state. The people in the city have the exact type of livelihood like they would if they resided in any other town or city. Equally, some crimes and criminals cause trouble to the ordinary lives of the citizens.  A survey on security and safety was conducted in over 100 cities of the country for a recorded crime against women, children and the senior citizens.

Tirupati ranked number one as the safest city amongst all. The reports stated that fewer cries had been registered leading to more significant safety measure and improvements. According to the authorities, technology has played a vital role in the process, they say CCTV cameras are installed at almost every part of the city, a rough count of 620 cameras all over the city have been installed by the department keeping aside the 9000+  CCTV cameras that are installed at the shops and other complexes, centres and stalls. One notable fact that will blow your mind is that the police of Tirupati city address complaints through WhatsApp as soon as reported and have fingerprint and face recognition software installed through which they can identify the criminal once caught at the surveillance camera. Isn’t is Smart!


Also the capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is the third safe city in the state and is assessed as the medium-threat city by authorities. The state capital was one of the cities with the top rising crimes back in the year 2015, but ever since, the crime rate has dropped and now Hyderabad ranks amongst one of the safest metropolitan cities in the whole country. Over the past years, Hyderabad has registered lower crime rates with a drop of 4.7% compared to other cities. Between the years 2015-2017, the city had a dip of 15% crime rates and only fewer cases of cyberbullying, crimes against women and children that went down to 13% were registered.


Vishakhapatnam like Vijayawada is a well-known city of Andhra Pradesh that has a large number of populations residing in the city. The city has equal crime rates in rapes, murders, burglary, vandalism, child abuse and molestation. Over the past years, Vishakhapatnam or more commonly known as Vizag has a moderate increase in crime in the past 3-4 years. Cases against property disputes, legal disputes and burglary have been moderate and are within 40%-45%. Other crimes like a crime against women, vandalism, robbery, drug dealing and sudden attacks have been low and are within 25%-35%. The only crime that has had a higher increase rate is corruption and bribery. So overall, if you are thinking of moving to Vizag, it is not too risky to live in.


Kurnool is some of you did not know about is a small city in Andhra Pradesh with a low crime index. Reportedly, the crime rates that are high or to be more specific in the city have been crimes related to drug dealing, sudden attacks, vandalism and theft. Crime against women, child abuse, molestation, murders and bribery have been low over the past years, and the police say they have an eye over the city’s crimes and take actions immediately. Domestic violence has been reported to be low in the city.


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