Personalised Smart Home System

Written by: Shreya Gairola

 Time is running, and we are rushing through it. In this situation, we all need something that makes life easier and hassle-free. Thanks to the advancement of technology! It really helps us in many ways; indeed, it is coming up with newer levels of achievement.

After getting smartphones, smart TV, smart doorbell, smart refrigerators, it’s time to discuss a whole smart home!  Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Some of us have an unwanted habit of forgetting things. We forget to switch our AC off, we keep our geyser on. Some people are quite lazy that they don’t mind keeping the lights on the whole night just to avoid getting out of bed! What happens with you too, right? A smart answer to these problems is a smart home or Home Automation Solution.

These home automation systems comprise of hardware, communication, and electronic edges that work to assimilate various electrical devices. This enables household activities to be controlled by a centralised system like a smartphone. So ultimately, with this solution, you can control your everyday essential electronic devices under your finger-tips. This whole system is meant to unite many connected devices across your home and controls all of them from one platform that provides you with the control and personalisation you would like while also offering concierge-style professional support when needed. From waking up in the morning, to cooking, and answering the door, actions at home are so much more fun and convenient today, with smart home solutions. Let’s have a look into the most crucial tasks this system can give us:

  • You can see who’s at our doorstep, even if we are far away from home- working at the office, or stuck in traffic. You get push notifications and video when visitors approach our front door, and we can communicate with them without even opening the door.​
  • You can control lights all around your home with a simple voice command.
  • Control your AC through your smartphone.
  • Talk to a visitor remaining inside the home.
  • Even your kitchen items can be smart as well. If your coffee maker is connected with a smart plug, you can order to start making coffee for you! Yes, that’s possible.

Some leading brands of a smart home solution across the world:

1. Active

The brainchild of Delhi-based software engineer, Mr Ujjwal Sayal, Octise makes devices that allow smartphones to control your electronic appliances. These devices are specially designed that they fit in your existing switchboards, so you don’t need to change the wiring of the house. Then the appliances connected to the knobs of the devices can be accessed from a distance through your smartphone. All buttons connected to the device work in a synchronised way with the app, and when one turns an appliance on/off using a switch, it shows on the app so that the users do not get confused. As a policy, Octise also offers a one-week free demo to the potential customers to get the first-hand experience of Octise Smart Homes.

2. Alexa

The smartest child of the Amazon family is the Alexa. She does what you say! From playing your favourite song to reminding you of your pending works, Alexa (Amazon Echo) makes your life easier. One of the smartest devices of today’s generation, Alexa, your virtual assistant, can even work as your TV speaker if you wish to have a louder sound of your favourite movie. Want to know about the weather forecast or the latest news right after waking up? Alexa will help there too.

3. Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface)

Siri is another virtual assistant launched by Apple. This is a voice-controlled personal assistant, specially built for Apple users. Interestingly, the name “Siri” is a Norse word meaning “beautiful woman who leads you to victory.” Just like Alexa, Siri can act upon your voice commands, like, calling, providing weather information to you, reminding important events, handling a device as turning on the Wi-Fi, playing a song, Navigating while you are driving,

4. SmartThings

This automation system is controlled by a single app which is launched by Samsung. When a well-known technology company offers such products, they naturally get attracted to the mass due to the company’s reputation. The system has Wi-Fi capability and can work with many HVAC and security systems used in today’s households. Their unique live chat support comes in rescue when you are away from home and need assistance with creating a schedule for your smart home.

5. Vera

Among all the of home automation companies, when you look for robust, consistent remote access capability and dependable technical support, you can blindly trust Vera. Without having many extensive features, their software can connect with any web browser or Android and iOS smartphone app, which means maximum control when you are not home. This home automation system is capable of connecting with many types of devices like cameras and motion detectors, smoke detectors, door sensors, and light bulbs, which can then be controlled through its powerful remote functionality.

6. HomeSeer

HomeSeer is an award-winning smart home solution house that has been a pioneer in the field of innovative technology. This highly compatible home automation company works with several media management applications, web browsers, operating systems, and security and HVAC systems. You can use it through multiple options like automatic, manual, or voice control, whether you’re home or away. The company provides a complete “one stop” online shop for all types of peripherals to customise the home automation system according to your needs and budget. It even has a feature of monitoring energy usage patterns that deliver reports to help you become more energy efficient.

7. August Smart Lock

‘August Home’ brings this Smart Locks security as the innovative product range that is dedicated to security and technical expansions of smart lock systems. Apart from their patent smart locks, they have doorbell cameras and other accessories. Jason Johnson and Yves Behar founded August Home in 2012. It is claimed that there are around 55 patents registered with August Home in Locks; Keys; Windows/ Door category.

The company considers that home automation technology needs to be made easy to install and use, which is precisely what they do.

Start your journey of a smart home:

  • The moment you choose to make your home smart, you stop worrying about remembering to turn on your outdoor lights when the sun goes down.
  • With this solution, you get total control as well as comfort.
  • With Home Protection Systems, your whole house will be covered –your kitchen, basement, your bedroom, unlike the other one-room solutions.
  • Whether its front door locks and home protection, climate control, or appliances, your sweet home is now entirely under your control whether you are in office, car, or other remote location because most of the home automation companies these days provide a mobile app.
  • Knowing your home temperature preferences, the smart thermostat technology will automatically adjust your device like AC. More importantly, the system can sense when you’re not home and adjust the temperature to conserve energy while you’re away!
  • Imagine you have sat down on your favourite couch on a lazy winter evening with a cup of coffee and a storybook but forgot to dim, or they turn off the lights of other room. Don’t worry, just say Alexa, turn the lights off in bedroom… and it’s done!
  • You’re back home with lots of groceries in hand. Say, Hello, Siri! Lock my front door. That is how things take place.