How Safe Are You In your House?

Written by: Shreya Gairola

Being safe and feeling safe are two different words and their meanings too.Nowadays as there is an increasing crime rates .However,safety can never be guaranteed,there are various ways to be more safe.Locking doors and windows does not make you feel safe but by taking a proper preventive measures can make you feel safe. We feel safer when our senses, specially our hearing and sight senses, are satisfied.

There are plenty of security gadgets that has been introduced among us and which can make your home safe and these gadgets are easily available in the marketplace. There are different approaches to add security measures at your home.By having a legitimate brands gadget can prevenr your home from intruders. With these gadgets your loved ones can be safe when you are away from your family and you can monitor their movements through these security gadgets .

Let’s dive in to know more about how safe are you in your house

Ways through which you can feel safe in your home

Different types of sensors

Doors and window sensors comes in different types in the should not be your only line of defense in your home security system.A shatter sensor detects the sound of a window alerting alarm system .it can also detects the strong vibrations that a normal window may not pick.Motion sensors can also depend on the infrared energy detection.As someone moves across the room,the sensor detects the changes in the infrared energy and activates the alarm.It works from a distance whereas sensors of door and window solely work for the door and window they are attached to.

 Lighten your surroundings

Many people do feel fear of dark through their childhood.But it’ the foremost reason that we feel  unsafe.Lightning your ambience can help us feel less vulnerable.This darkness can be removed through the lights.As we all know lights play a vital role in our life.with lights we can see the things properly .These lights also act as an protective gear from the intruders too.If you are farwaway or going far away from your home,to make secure your home you can lighten up your home lights or can even adjust from anywhere with smart lights.You can even install all energy efficient lights in your home too to save more power and enlighten up your home.

Security concerns

Is someone is trying to hear your conversation ?

Well the answer can be yes. A well fitted windows can block these people from listening up to your conversations.As well as it blocks intruders to see your essential property. Security is an important aspect .With motorized windows now you can control the movement of your windows. If you are going away from your home you can set the programming according to your requirements. Through which the shades can be adjusted and intruders will think that the is still someone in the home.

Avoid bushes to grow in your backyard area

Long bushes in the backyard area can become a source of fear for everyone.As these long bushes can become a hiding place for burglar.They can hide in those long bushes and can wait there for the perfect time to harm and steal your loved ones and your property.You should avoid the growth of the long bushes in the backyard area to prevent your home from the burglar.

Turn on  your music and television at night

Are you alone in your home at night!

Do not worry just turn your music and television on.This will make an intruder and neighbours feel like in your home there might be some get-together is going on or maybe there are other family members with you.This will help you feel safe and secure.

Know your neighbourhood

If you are going faraway from your home or some mishappen occurs in your home

Whom do you call first!

Your neighbours.It is very important to get to know who are your neighbours ,what kind of person they are.It’s an excellent way to build up community,find new friends and even get help when you feel unsafe.Always keep phone numbers of your neighbours so you can get help from them when you need it or help them when they need it.

Security system

With the home automation now you can prevent intruders from stealing your property by transforming your home more secure.These security system comes in various varieties in the marketplace such as video doorbells,doorlock,cctv etc.They can monitor your home when you are faraway and notify you when intruders are trying to enter your property.

Smart doorbells

With the smart gadget now you will get to know who is visiting your home. Smart doorbells is one of the most demanding gadgets nowadays. These innovative doorbells can integrate with door lock and security system. This smart doorbell also allows you to communicate with a person who is standing outside your door and then with the help of smart doorbell you can decide that the person who is standing outside is a intruder or an esteemed guest.


Nowadays with smart gadgets we are able to save more time and power .Smart gadgets protect our property from burglar when we are away.This latest technology not only make our life easy but also it turns our simple home in to luxurious ones.Different gadgets plays an important role in building up your smart home.The more gadget you plan to buy the more it can turn your home in to glamorous one.Investing in smart gadgets and smart home can be an effective yet profit one.

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