How Safe Are You In your House?

Written by: Shreyasi Datta

We’re all most of the time thinking of ways to be safe, and we’re ready to do anything in that matter to be safe. When we think of safety, the first thing that usually pops up in our heads is our house or any closed place. According to us, we can be safe in our homes, and even if something happens we have all the means to face and fight it. But then again if you think of it, are you safe in your house? Most of the time, the feeling of not being safe arrives from the idea that a stranger or a criminal would harm you. Still, according to reports, only 23% of the times are people victimized by strangers who I mean are burglars, criminals, psychopaths, etc. 10-11% of the time people are attacked and harmed by the people they know.

Now and then you would have heard in the news stories of people being robbed or murdered or looted by someone they know with no motive of being harmful, but it could end up in a fight or so. I’m not saying that strangers cannot try to rob you or so, but I’m just stating a fact. Many of the times burglaries, attacks, etc. happen when we’re not at our homes, there are plenty of reasons that happens, by two different sets of people like I mentioned above. But have you ever thought beyond the typical reasons we believe could be the cause for these incidents for years and realized something?

We want to show you a second side to this!


The apparent thought of our homes being burgled will be by strangers and through force entries or open windows and balcony doors, which is not wrong. But as a side thought can you imagine your home being robbed by someone you know? People who you know that could be your friends and relatives would know the passcode to your home security systems since you trust them so it will be a little hard for you to believe that someone you trust would do that to you. As mentioned above reports and police statements say that 24% of the time it is a known person of the victim who tries to loot them with the perfect opportunity of knowing when they are out or sometimes are not in town for a couple of weeks. When we leave for a vacation or to take a little road trip, we tend to let our neighbours and families know about it. Some people don’t care about it, but others take advantage of the situation and plan to rob homes.

If you think more profound even through social media, we indirectly let people know that we’re not home and will not be for a little while. People who are known and unknown to you make the best of the time and either plan to rob you with a thought of not being caught ever. Other times burglaries happen by unknown people like professional thieves or criminals or people who watch you from afar regularly. Theft and loot can be done by people who also visit your home for deliveries and packages. You might think that this is maybe impossible, but no, it’s not is the truth. So next time you are receiving a package, make sure you are waiting outside your main door for the delivery to arrive and let the delivery man have a sneak peek into your home. Even when you’re hosting families or parties, go open the door for the guests and don’t share your security passcode with them.

I don’t want you to feel paranoid or freak out, but I’m just trying to make you understand that the security man/kids across the street know when you are home and when you are away. He may have been inside/outside your house and noticed a lack of cameras or your tendency to leave the windows unlocked.

Attacks in houses/private property

Crimes are occurring on private properties are terrifying, especially when you’re with your family. You want your family to be safe and protected, putting behind your safety and life which I don’t blame you for but what if you can take precaution for such incidents. Most of the time, attacks happening in private properties are by known people out of rage, heated arguments, or plans to harm. Now you will not know when someone will make a move to attack you, but you can always be alert and aware of people’s actions. You’re your relaxing and having a good time at your backyard, set alarms that will let you know when someone is trying to enter your yard through that fence forcefully.

What you can also do is if situations like these ever occur; keep tools in places or cabinets spaces you know they’re at beforehand or taken measures of having pepper sprays, fire extinguishers, or spray bombs, etc. in cabinets so when you’re trying to save your lives you at least have something that will for a while stop the attacker from attacking you. At the same time, you lock yourself up and call the cops for help. The most significant thing you need to have is smart locks and secure doors. Host all the get to gathers and house parties you want, but hey make sure you have taken all the measurements and precautions you need to. You can take proper care and cautions or your safety.


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