Smart Home: Upgrade Your Entertainment System

Written by: Bipasha Basu

 Entertainment and enjoyment is something we all seek. Having a source of entertainment at home will surely be a great idea! Do you know how you can get that? By setting up some great entertainment devices in your home and upgrading your entire entertainment system.

We know that smart homes allow us to control all the appliances using a single remote or app on your smartphone. Similarly, we can also integrate the entertainment system with smart home automation. Imagine controlling your speakers installed throughout the home just by using your smartphone!

Choosing is the correct device for your home entertainment system is a significant step. Every person’s needs and wants are different.

Here I have mentioned some ideas that you might need for upgrading the entertainment system in your smart home. You can choose among these depending upon your needs, likes and budget.

1. Adequate space for your entertainment system

If you want to have a sound entertainment system in your home, you need dedicated space for it. So that you can enjoy and relax in a room made specifically for your that, having a separate room for your home entertainment system will give you the freedom to change the lightings or audio settings for your full-on movie experience. This will also not disturb the other members of the house present in different rooms.

2. Upgrading to a good network

Installing new devices will cause more significant internet issues on your home network. You might be facing plenty of problems with controlling all the appliances of your home. So don’t forget to invest in good network connection which will help in running all the new electronic gadgets smoothly.

3. Receiver

Receiver is the device that acts as the point of intersection for all your other devices. Selecting a good receiver is essential as it is responsible for making sure that you perceive the best quality sound and also get the best out of the other devices of the entire system.

The person buying the receiver has to keep in mind for what purpose is he looking the receiver for. Like, if the homeowner is setting up a modern home theatre, or is he someone who likes playing songs on old records or different types of vinyl and needs to set them up. Your requirements are added in both cases.

4. Audio set-up for all the rooms

Why not go for full movie theatre experience? Setting up a good sound system throughout your home will let you listen to great quality music from every room of your home. The sound system integrates with different music sites and plays songs of your preferences. You can even enable audio settings where you can play different songs in different rooms as per the choice of the other family members.

5. Lighting Control

Lighting control systems are a great addition to your entertainment system. They help in setting the mood in your home control. Suppose it’s for a romantic dinner or a get together with your friends on a Sunday afternoon. These lighting systems can be set according to your choices, even have timers. Lighting systems also save energy and thereby cuts back your electric bills.

6. Home Theater Projectors

Home Theatre Projectors will take your movie experience to another level. Projectors will display your movies in higher and better quality. Once you start watching on this home projectors, you will not want to return to the ordinary ones. Adding this to your home entertainment system will surely give you a better experience.

7. Gaming Systems

Many of us like to spend our free times behind a remote control for some great gaming sessions. To make your experience more enjoyable, you can install some useful game room features in your theatre room. Devices like HD screens, sound audio systems like take your gaming experience to the next level. These systems even have features where they automatically turn off after some time. So if you are worried about your children spending too much time on these video games, then don’t be!

8. Single remote control

When you bring in quite a few numbers of electronic devices to four home, the pile of remotes also keeps on increasing. Installing integrated control feature will enable you to control all devices just by using a particular device. This technology will most definitely save a lot of your time and energy!

9. Hidden AV

Do you know what the best thing about having your home theatre is? It is the fact that you get to design the interior of the room just like you want. Isn’t that cool? You can mimic a whole commercial theatre vibe, or like your favourite scene from a movie. In those case, you don’t want your speakers and projectors to stick out like a sore eye.

Based on the theme that you select, you can keep your projectors, sound systems or AV components are hidden from direct view. You can make in-wall or in-ceiling installations for the speakers so that everything just blends in with the decor of the room.In many home theatre installations, all the electronic devices are kept hidden away in an AV rack.

10. Putting everything In the right place

Now that you have brought home all the necessary gears, the next thing is to put everything in the right place. Like, forgetting the excellent audio experience you need to set the speakers at correct locations. You may even need to move around your furniture a bit, then do something about the wires sticking out so that they don’t dampen the whole look. All these will surely get you the ultimate experience.