5 Safest Cities Of Assam 2020

Written by: Shreyasi Datta

Generally, some Indians assume that the states in the North-Eastern part of the country are the birth land for smugglers, drug dealers, criminals who for a living get into illegal businesses. Not to forget that there is no denial in how beautiful the seven states known as the seven sisters are, the greenery, the surroundings, the culture, and the people are all so beautiful and lively. The truth is these seven states of the north-eastern part of Indian are the most beautiful states and places to visit after Kashmir, Kerala, and Shimla etc. But these are not just places for a cool refreshing vacation right, and people are living in these states that have settled there ever since they were born and are living the life of anyone who is not from the North-Eastern part of Indian, what I exactly mean to say is people in northeast India is not just a spot for a vacation. Still, people living in these states also have various jobs and educational institutions and a livelihood.

One such state we will read about today is Assam and five of the safest cities in Assam. Life for the people in Assam is like for any other person living in the metropolitan cities if India. Some also assume that these states are unsafe and have a lot of criminal activities that make it unsafe and not a place you wish to be living in, but that is not the truth.

Honestly, no state in the country or the world is entirely safe. There are going to be criminals everywhere, so there definitely will be crime and disasters. But if you’re planning on moving to Assam and are confused and curious to know if it is safe to be living in, we’ve got you covered. Below is the list of five safe cities of Assam.

1. Guwahati

Guwahati apart from being the capital of Assam is also a safe city and is the largest city in Assam. It has the maximum number of population and also has the highest literacy rate in the entire state. The crime rates in Assam are somewhat like it would be in any other state. But the overall crime rates in Guwahati are 50.34%. Other crimes such as robbery, home invasion, theft, attacks, vandalism, smuggling and attacks on people for their physical appearances have been lying in something between 33%-42%, and this is honestly moderate. Thankfully ever since the nationwide lockdown was declared the crime rates in Guwahati have been less. On a typical day basis, the crimes occurring in the city were moderate and have been low ever since as the people in the cities have been staying inside their homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Equally, criminals have found it challenging to loot, steal, murder, or vandalize people and homes in Guwahati.

2. Silchar

Silchar is the second-largest city in Assam and has a literacy rate of 91.05%. It is the second safe city of Assam. The city has the highest rates of land disputes and property disputes, no denial but it does have a reduced number of crimes rates in robbery, vandalism and smuggling since 2017. The number of crimes being registered is moderate since the beginning of 2020 and now are comparatively low due to the lockdown.

3. Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh with a literacy rate of 89.75% was the city with the highest crime rates in 2013, beating Jorhat and Guwahati. The city had the highest rate in urban and rural theft and kidnapping. But we’re talking about 2013, since 2020 the rates of crime in the city have been moderate, and it is no more the highest city with crimes.

4. Jorhat

Having a literacy rate of 91.18%, Jorhat had the highest crime rate in 2013 with a raise of 25% raise overall in crime after Dibrugarh. Luckily like the other four states, I mentioned above Jorhat also had a decrease in crime rate by 48%, which is remarkable since the city was one of the unsafe cities in Assam after Dibrugarh. On an annual data analysis, Jorhat would have an increase of 22.8% in crimes related to a property dispute, murders, rapes, threats, dacoit etc. every year. Due to the nationwide lockdown, Assam police has reportedly had very few cases to register in Jorhat as people are staying in and there is barely any theft or burglary except for in some Jewelry stores and superstores etc.

5. Nagaon

Nagaon city is the fifth safest city in Assam with a literacy rate of 90.82%, and in the year 2012, the city had an increase in 19.11%, not the highest but undoubtedly one of the highest. Since 2012, cases in Nagaon have been moderately less. According to reports and analytics, Nagaon had a maximum number of crimes reported for property disputes and rape. From the past ten years, the women in the region of Nagaon have faced a lot of harassment and abuse. Women of the region have protested several times for the happening, but there has been no real solution to the crime. The number of pending cases in Nagaon has been the highest compared to any other region of Assam since out of 4000 approximately arrested for the crime only 15 have been evicted. But like I’ve repeatedly mentioned above, due to the lockdown, the number of cases filed for harassment has been very less.

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