How To Keep Your Empty House Safe While Selling It

Written by: Shreyasi Datta

Owning a house itself feels like a reward; we know we are proud owners of a house that we love. There can be instances and situations where you might have to sell the house you are living in due to transfer from work or shifting cities, etc. now with a rented house, you don’t have to worry about moving whenever and wherever you have to because obviously, you don’t own it. You have to move to somewhere else. With owning a house comes, it is very own challenges of finding the right person to sell it to, have all the formalities done on time, and most importantly, to keep it safe. At the same time, it’s empty, so people don’t break-in, make a mess and make it look non-investable while the buyers are around. We get all these worries of yours and might have a few tips and hacks to share with you for the problem.

Now not to forget for anyone who is looking to break into a house it doesn’t matter if the house still belongs to someone who probably is having a great time or an emotional time wherever they are at or is vacant because it’s for sale. And the option, hacks, and tricks are the same in both the situation for them. Similarly, most of the tips you’ll have to do to keep your home safe will also be the same.

Keep your security systems on always 

You definitely should extend the security system date until your house is sold, having a professional eye on your property is a safer option to make sure you’re selling your house to the buyer that will be interested in buying your house as soon as they see it because it is well maintained and not broken into and got messy. Some people might think why should one still have a security system when they’re moving and won’t be living in the house anymore, well the reason is that no matter what, having your security systems on all the time will keep your house safe 24/7 even if someone tries to or has broken in. It will also make the burglar aware that they’re being watched and this is not the house for them.

Keep your entryway and  exterior lights on

After the security system, another thing to make sure you do is to keep your lights on all ways. The primary and sole purpose of this is that firstly when your lights are on it makes it less suspicious for the burglar or anyone suspect that the house is empty. It will almost seem like people are still living in there. Entryway lights play a significant role in this for sure. Secondly, having your exterior lights on will make it easier or you to identify if someone is trying to hide in your property or is lurking around your house. Having a sound lighting system also means excellent clarity, security camera footage.  Now, some home security systems come with the lighting systems like most of you know, and some don’t but never mind, for the ones that don’t have it you can still get it installed separately.

Keep your doors and windows locked always

 A person who wants to enter a house that has pungent, filthy, moist smell/stinks. None of us! Hence, some of us tend to leave the windows and balcony doors open when we aren’t at home to make sure that there is no stuffy smell, and there is proper ventilation. Now, this is the thing we will suggest you avoid. Keeping the windows and doors open is an open invitation to the burglars and criminals. They will enter the house whose doors and windows are wide open, and you can’t blame them for it. So what you have to double or triple check always is that the windows and doors are fully and securely locked and there is no little space that can allow anybody to get inside the house.

Have security alarm systems installed for longer

Security systems will do the entire job but apart from that have security alarm systems and locks installed, if they’re already installed make sure to keep them on always. Like you know, it merely notifies you and your neighbors about the break-in, etc. even if you are away, it will directly go off, start making the noise and alarm everyone around. So this is the scarecrow for intruders and burglars.

Have good relationships with your neighbor

As casual as it sounds, it is an essential thing to do. Always have good bonds and relationships with your neighbors because trust me if there is anything that happens to your house while you’re not around, they will check up on the incident or happening. They definitely will then inform you about it, but most importantly, they will be the first ones to look into the incident.  Ask your neighbors to check up on the house routinely, so you’re aware and updated of anything and everything related to it.  Ask neighbors to take a stroll around the property correctly. You can also ask them to pick up the packages or mails that still get delivered to your door. Trust me another undeniable means of suspecting an empty house is the unpicked mails and packages. So avoid getting anything delivered to your old address.

Take care Of the insurance policy

Considering the benefit of the doubt, let’s say any of the theft, vandalism, burglar etc. happens you should at least believe and check up on your insurance policy to know that it can cover for it. Keep your insurance policy up to date just in case.

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