5 Smart Home Essentials

Written by: Madhu Amminabhavi

Home automation is what you dream every day to make your life easier. With the merging newer technologies, these dreams are getting into reality in many ways. When you try to automate things in your home, you will save much of your time which in turn improves your work-life balance.

The smarter home facilitates you in keeping yourself calm and productive. If this convenience is what you have always longed for, here are the five home essentials that you should consider to make your dream come true:

1. Smart Speakers and Controllers

As everyone wishes to have a personal assistant for themselves, it’s nice to have one to make your life easier by getting quick answers for your queries or getting minute things done in seconds. Smart speakers are one of a kind, and it not only serves you as an assistant, but it also helps you control the various systems of your home.

Even though you can control these speakers via voice commands, some also have a few control buttons for volume and waking up the device. These voice-controlled smart devices use any of the personal assistant technologies like Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa. Besides, to have the sound experience, you will have an option to connect it to an external speaker via a cable or Bluetooth. They perform a wide range of activities like playing music, setting up alarms, playing games, answer your queries by searching on the internet. You can even control other various smart devices in the home using these assistant speakers. So, having a smart speaker as your assistant would make your life easier than before in many ways.

2. Smart Locks

If you are bored with the traditional locking systems that you have been to secure your home and are worried about increasing cases of burglary, you can have an eye on smart locks. The recent inventions of advanced smart locks benefit you with extraordinary features and added security, making you rid of all feelings of insecurities.

Smart locks broadly categorise with three current technologies based on their working, namely keypads, smartphones and biometric sensors. You can control these locks remotely from anywhere even if you are not at home. You will get to enjoy the luxuries of letting some friend or family members lock or unlock if they reach your home without the key. Besides checking the status of the lock, you can also auto-lock your main door if you leave home in urgency without locking. This way, you can exploit the exciting features of smart locks and be happy keeping all the insecurities away from you.

3. Smart Home Security Camera

Earlier, there used to be many limitations with the security cameras. There were loopholes such that particular burglary would take place despite having traditional security cameras installed. But now you have many smart and most advanced home security cameras that you can afford, which are wire-free and weather-proof. These gadgets could be perfect for securing your home exterior. These advanced cameras can shoot in 1080p high definition and have quick rechargeable batteries that make them a boon for your smart home.

You will also get to experience the feature of advanced light vision which helps in capturing every detail during night time. They are very smart that they can even ring the siren and send emergency alerts to your cell phone on detecting any unusual activities. Unlike the traditional security cameras, these advanced cameras have weather resistant property, two-way audio capability and multiple ranges of viewing angles to facilitate you with the broader view of the scene. With these features in hand, you can detect any crime and prevent it from taking place in your home premises to remain peaceful and safe every day.

4. Smart Lighting

Have you ever dreamt of controlling the lights of your room in your fingertips? Then you must try smart lighting package which provides you with a range of options to do so. You will not have any hurdles of walking up to the switch anymore. Yeah, you literally can control all the lighting conditions and mood of the room just by sleeping on your bed.

With these advanced smart lighting kits, you can switch on or off your lights, control the mood of the room just with your fingertips. As some of them are energy star-certified, you will also benefit from its capacity for electricity conservancy. You will be amazed to know that you can easily install these setups and they also are compatible with smart voice-controlled devices. You can also pair up the entire system with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri to directly control it with your voice commands. So, having this kind of smart lighting in your home will make your burden easy without any tensions.

5. Smart Video Doorbell

Many are afraid of missing out on their visitors. If you are one among them, modern smart video doorbells are the solution for you. These doorbells help you be updated about hour home visitors even when you are not at home. They are brilliant that they perform multiple duties like doorbell, security camera at the front door and also as a video phone in some cases.

Whenever you are not at home, you can talk to your guests through these doorbells with its two-way audio capability. As mentioned above, some help in video chatting with the visitor. You will also be beneficial from their infrared night vision that helps you monitor the night time visitors. So, in addition to keeping home secure, a smart doorbell would be an excellent pick for you to remain informed about the visitors of your home.

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