How To Make Sure Your Loved Ones Are Safe At Home

Written by: Shreyasi Datta

Safety is everyone’s prime thought of worrying. Questions like are we safe in our house? Are we safe in our neighbourhood? Are our family members safe? Are the people we love in a safe surrounding? These are just a few of the many questions I’m mentioning that pop into our heads all the time.

Safety of anyone is a prime concern. It should be. There are different ways of being safe, and some might say you should be aware of things happening around you, well the others might say no matter how safe you are there is always the other person who’s action will affect your safety. So, even though we know you know what and how to keep your family safe, we are going to share some of the most critical steps you should take towards keeping your family/loved ones are safe at home.

Have a security system installed

The very first and obvious thing anyone is going to suggest you is that to have a security system installed. There are plenty of benefits you receive from a security system. They come with a lot of features that notify you and make you aware of any forcible happening in and around your house. There are security sensors, security cameras and lighting systems that all come along with it. Sometimes some houses do not have such systems, and you can install them later on by yourself.

Have smart locks/stronger locks installed

You might say locks can be trickily opened and broken into anyways, but no, with smart locks you will have passwords set to your door. So basically, you and your family will have a password using which you can get access through the door. If the passcode enter is not the same, it will automatically notify you that someone is forcing their entry inside the house. They still will not be able to get inside the house, but it will alert you anyways. So, in that case, you can either call the cops or handle the situation yourself. With more durable locks, you can install them at your basement doors, back doors, or any other doors around the house. It is hard to break in with such sturdy locks too. Tend always to have smart locks installed for your garage doors.

Another important thing I’d like to mention is always making sure to see if your garage door and the back door is locked first and then walk away. We sometimes don’t do so, and intruders can be slid in through the gaps of the garage doors. Now you also have to make sure you don’t go around telling people your passcode because I understand that sometimes we seem to blindly believe people we shouldn’t be and they can cause us harm. Make sure to have an undetectable password and keep it amongst your family members only.

Have security cameras installed

Ike, I mentioned above and in many other previous blogs, having a security camera installed is like having a professional having an eye on your house. The best part is if in case anything seems to happen, you can always know who did it and will have footage of everything although, with smart locks and security systems, this seems to happen less. You can see live footage of people in and around your house. So in case of you see someone you doubt is dangerous and is trying to break in, you can immediately inform your family members about it and have them secure all the entry/exit points of the house and call the police.

Have security alarms installed

Suppose someone is trying to trespass your property or is forcing their entry into your house, the alarms will detect it, go off and start making noise through which you will get to know about it. The best part is the noise is so loud that your neighbours will get alerted too. Isn’t it great? The intruder won’t be able to enter the house, but he will also be caught for trying to do so.

Lock your doors and windows always

We’ve mentioned a lot of time how important it is to lock your doors and windows not just when you are leaving your home to get somewhere but also when you are at home. It is essential to have your doors and windows locked because according to the report, the maximum number of cases have intruders entering the house through open windows and doors. Double-check when you leave the home that your windows and doors are locked. Have sharp objects like nails and hooks fixed at the slide windows so even if anyone tried to slide open the window they can’t do it for more than an inch or so. Always stay and see if your garage doors and backdoors and balcony doors are correctly locked.

Have a good lighting system

The need to have a proper lighting system at your entryway, backyard and other parts of the property is to make sure that it first looks like there are people inside the house. They cannot try to break in or harm anyone, secondly to make sure that even if someone is lurking or trying to hide in the most unexpected spots of your property, you can see them and their movement. It also helps in great clarity security camera footage.

Have local police stations number on speed dial

Another most important step is that always have your local police stations number on speed dial or remember it. Now we can’t always say nothing is going to happen to us. Let’s be realistic; sometimes, some things might go wrong, and it could turn ugly. So for whenever that happens, or you feel might happen, keep your local police stations number on speed dial so you can inform them as soon as possible.

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