Where Should Home Security Cameras Be positioned?

Where Should Home Security Cameras Be positioned?

Written by: Bipasha Basu

Deciding where you want to install security cameras in your home might be obvious in case of some houses, but it is not the same in all cases. Every house has unique planning and design, which we need to keep in mind when we are planning on installing a security system. This means that the placement of security cameras varies with different houses.

When you are setting up a CCTV camera on the house, you need to make sure that you have covered all the critical locations and probable entry and exit sites. The main motive of installing these surveillance systems is to get the right image of the intruders and burglars so that the police can catch them as quickly as possible. Investing in the best security system available in the market will go to waste if you are unable to install the cameras in a good location will help you in protecting your property. Wrong positioning might lead to failing to cover some essential locations which will make those areas vulnerable to the intruders, and you won’t have any evidence for identifying and catching the burglars.

For many years surveillance cameras have been there for us to provide security to our home and make us feel safe. But sadly this will not be happening if you do not place them in the proper position. If the cameras are not in the appropriate location, then they are not as effective as we may think.

Here are a couple suggestions on where you can put the security cameras so that the cameras will be capable of doing their job efficiently.

1. Front doors / Back doors

The busiest spot of homes and also the most common site of entry of the intruders is the front and back doors of the house. You can install the cameras on the front and back doors so that you will be easily able to monitor who enters and who exits the home. The cameras on the front doors also act as a digital version of a peephole. You will be able to check from anywhere, who is standing in front of your door. Install and integrate an intercom along with cameras for providing increased security.

Install the camera, facing downwards above the frame of the front and the back door. By doing this, the cameras will be able to cover quite the right area in front of your home. You can also install the camera inside the house over the seals of the window. So that the cameras will get a clear view of the front yard or the backyard.

2. Garage

Attached garages are another critical location in the house which needs proper surveillance. People often forget to monitor the garages, which makes it an accessible access site for the intruders. If you have an unattached garage, then cameras provide great help to keep an eye on your vehicles or any other equipment that might be present inside the garage.

3. Driveway

Installing a camera in such a way that will face your driveway will help in monitoring any person standing there or of any unusual activity. This will help you in taking precautions in case of any threats or emergency.

4. Front yard/ Backyard

Thieves and burglars hide behind the bushes or trees of your front and back yard and wait for the right time to break into your home. If you install security cameras in these sites to monitor the areas, then they will think twice before intruding.

We often leave our garden machines or any other equipment lying in the backyard. This attracts the burglars towards our home. But since we all don’t want that to happen, it is a good idea to install security cameras in the backyard with sufficient lighting. This will help in capturing the right image of the intruder or better yet deter them from entering your home.

5. Common areas

It is a smart choice to install security cameras within the house in some common areas. Common areas include the living rooms and kitchens. This is useful in those situations when the burglars have successfully broken into the house by evading the surveillance installed outside the home. With the support of specific surveillance cameras, you can see what is going on inside your house, and no member of the family is present inside.

6. Stairways

Few houses having basements and balconies with staircases provide an excellent site of entry for the intruders. So it is smart to install a security camera on the staircases. This will help you check and watch out for any suspicious or unusual activity. While contemplating on where you want to install the security cameras in-home or it is very critical to place them in the locations that are most prone to intruders.

Install the cameras at such a height so that no one can knock them down easily or destroy them. Install the outside cameras at a level of the second story that is at least 9 feet from the ground and install the inside ones closer to the ceiling. Don’t forget to make sure that the cameras are installed correctly in their places. Even though some cameras are attached with adhesives, it is recommended to choose the ones that can be accrued into the walls.

Besides the correct locations, it is also equally important to place them at an appropriate angle. For example, if you place the cameras on your front doors or windows but fail to install them at a right angle, then you might only be able to go capture the head of the intruder. You can install the cameras at a foot distance away from the cameras and make them face downwards. By this, you will be able to capture a good look of whoever is standing outside your door.

In case you are using wireless cameras, make sure that your Wi-Fi signals are right all the time around your home. Good Wi-Fi signals will allow the cameras to capture the view adequately and store those videos. But if you don’t have an internet connection, then the security cameras will get disconnected from the whole security system of the house. And in case of weak Wi-Fi signals, the quality of the video captured often gets distorted or choppy.

So these are some of the ideas to keep your house correctly secured from any intruders.

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