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How Tilt Sensors Enhance Home Security?

How Tilt Sensors Enhance Home Security?

Written by: Bipasha Basu

Nowadays, we can find many devices in the market for securing your home. If you are leaving alone and you see so many security options so will get overwhelmed. And sometimes in those cases, you overlook some electronics which are great for providing extra security and comfort to you and your family. One of those devices can be a Tilt Sensor. Tilt sensors might not be attractive when you see them, but they sure are instrumental and will be an exceptional addition to your home security system.

Tilt sensors are devices which are used for measuring the tilt on different axes concerning a plane. The plane is used for reference. Tilt sensors are used in various applications. These instruments measure the position of the tilt concerning the gravity. Tilt sensors enable us to quickly detect the inclination or orientation of an object. Tilt sensors or switches are also known as rolling ball sensors.

The popularity of Tilt sensors are increasing gradually, and the application of these instruments in many products are also reaching higher numbers. For instance, the tilt sensors are used in aeroplanes. They give essential information regarding the horizontal and vertical inclination of the plane. This information helps the pilot in knowing how to overcome the obstacles that he might face during the flight. Stunt pilots take help of these sensors to see the orientation of the aeroplane and the angle of its inclination concerning the ground surface. This is how the pilots perform the air show.

Tilt sensors are also used in smart garage doors. These sensors monitor if the door is closed or opened. When the tilt sensors are connected to your smart home security system, you will get an alert in case the doors are left open, and you can even use your smartphone to close the doors just by using the app of the security provider.

What is a tilt sensor?

Tilt sensors allow the user to check the inclination and orientation of an object. Hence the name.  These small gadgets are easy to use, costs cheap and don’t get exhausted soon when appropriately used.

Components of a tilt sensor

The tilt sensors are composed of cylindrical shade cavities, inside of which a conductor is present. This conductor helps in the passage of electricity through it.

Mechanism- When an object is lying or moving straight, the conductor remains inside the cavity helps in passing the electricity throughout the sensor.  But in case a tilt occurs, the conductor no longer sits inside the cavity which I turn to cut off the electricity.

There are many other benefits of tilt sensors in your home security system that are worth mentioning. Some of them are discussed below-

1. Secure your garage

Having an attached garage in the house provides easy access to the burglary and criminals into your home. Also, people often forget to lock the garage door while leaving for work or when going on a vacation. Installing tilt sensors will alert you on your smartphone or tablet whenever you have left your garage door open or if anyone is trying to open your closed garage door. Once you get notified about the open door than with the help of the security app on your phone, you can complete and lock it. You can utilise this feature from wherever in the world.

2. Set and monitor alarms

Installing tilt sensors in the home helps us in monitoring our garages, roll-up doors or any other tilting surface present in the house by setting up cameras and alarms. When you are carrying any object, the tilt sensors will measure whether that object is flat or level. You will then receive an alert based on the criteria you have set. If the position of that monitored item is altered, then the alarm gets triggered.

For setting up an excellent smart home security system, you want to focus on a broader picture rather than focus on the small and straightforward features of the home automation system.

Like, when you install a tilt sensor on your door you will get a notification on your smartphone, then you can open it remotely if the person on the other sides is a member of your family or your invited guest. Besides this, you can also integrate the tilt sensors along with surveillance cameras so that you can see for yourself who is at the door and even communicate with them if you want to. You don’t need to be inside the home to avail this feature.

3. Monitor Doggy Doors

Doggy doors are one of the most common places which people forget to secure when installing a home security system. Suppose you are in the backyard or even in your bed, tilt sensors will notify you immediately and let you know if anything or anyone is trying to enter inside your home through the doggy door.

4. Watch your mailbox

You might want to install tilt sensors in your mailbox so that you won’t have to make excessive trips to the mailbox to see if any of your emails have arrived or not. Plus in case you didn’t have time to go pick up your mails, you will also get alerted if anyone tries to steal your important emails. Thus tilt sensors also provide us with comfort and security.

5. Keep an eye on storm cellars

A simple latch on your storm cellar does not provide enough security to protect your storage or belongings. You need something which will notify you as soon as some unusual activity takes place outside your storm stellar. Tilt sensors are an excellent choice for that. Tilt sensors provide you security by sending you an alert in your smartphone or tablets each time someone raises the door. Once you get the alert, you can then quickly take the necessary action required to protect your valuables.

Hence these are some of the ways how you can protect your house if you install Tilt sensors.  These devices will be a beneficial instrument to your smart home security.

You will get peace of mind once you know that you have secured your home correctly from all the corners.

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