Safety Gear For Those Living Alone At Home

Written by: Vidhushi Poddar

Living alone bears numerous opportunities, but on the other hand, you’re the only one responsible for home security and individual wellbeing. When you don’t have a housemate to assist you with locking up or call for help in case of a break-in, you need different sorts of support.

1. Get a Security Camera

There’s no better method to have another set of eyes paying particular attention to you and your home than a security camera. These assist you with minding what’s going on when you’re away from home, and they can force a robber to reconsider before targetting on your house. More and more criminals are caught by video caught by security cameras.

2. Introduce Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

Another extraordinary way to frighten a robber is to put them under the spotlight. Motion sensor lights provide additional safety when you’re walking around your property, and they illuminate possible terrible deeds before they even begin. For best results, install motion sensor lights close to each entry point and in any area outside your home where a thief could break.

3. Move up to a Smart Doorbell

Most thefts occur during the daytime, yet a smart doorbell can give the impression you’re at home even if you’re not. Smart doorbells come with live streaming, remote viewing apps, and two-way communication which lets you talk to and see who’s at your door. This gives additional security as a break-in deterrent, and it likewise helps you to shield yourself from a home intrusion or other violent attack when you are home.

4. Know Your Neighbors

In the time of social media and smartphones, we don’t typically become close with the individuals who live nearby. Nonetheless, you may wind up feeling more secure in your neighbourhood if you can know and trust your neighbours.  You be able to distinguish individuals and vehicles that belong, you can also enrol their assistance in looking out for suspicious movement on your road. So whenever you are enticed to pass by a neighbour with your nose buried in your phone, put the phone down, make eye contact, and be polite.

5. Utilize Smart Locks

Hiding a key under the doormat is equivalent to sending thieves an invitation. Because of smart locks, you never need to stress over lost or stolen keys again. Smart locks can utilize everything from a number code to your fingerprint as a key.  Many are accompanied by a remote control that lets you check to ensure you lock the door—and, if you overlooked, you could lock it immediately with only a swipe of your finger.

6. Use Backup

Because you live all alone doesn’t mean you need to be alone in your own and home security strategies. Keep companions on the up and up to about your everyday routine and let them know whether something will change that daily schedule. Set up regular check-ins with loved ones so that somebody notices on the off chance that you go MIA(Missing In Action). In case you’re having work done at the house with temporary workers or fix experts you’ve never met, welcome a buddy over for additional security.

7. Secure the Garage

The garage is one passage point that we frequently ignore with regards to home security. Criminals know this, they also know how to hack into your garage door. Ensure you don’t go out defenceless. Redesign your garage by including automation, which allows you to open and close your garage door from across town and double-check that it is locked. In case you will be away for business or a holiday, disable your garage door opener and include a manual lock for additional security.

8. Mind Your Landscaping

With the right skill, you can use your garden and every one of its trimmings to help fend thieves off. Keep trees and bushes perfectly trimmed so they can’t hinder the sightlines and give criminals a spot to hide. Include additional security with the use of plants. Use thorny plants like hawthorn or roses by the windows and other passage points.

9. Consider a Personal Safety Alarm

All security arrangements are not made for homes. Individual wellbeing alarms and applications furnish you with additional security whether you’re relaxing before the TV or out on a performance run.

Like a home security alert, personal alarms make a loud sound when initiated, which points out your situation and tells observers you need assistance. Contingent upon the personal alarm or application you select, some can likewise let you send a troubling message to an emergency contact and law enforcement. A personal safety alarm ensures you’re ensured consistently.

We want to assist you to enjoy by remaining safe and keeping your home secure. Try not to surrender your safety over to risk. Use the assets in this article to make the ideal individual security plan for your home.

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