5 Tips For Securing Your Vacation Home

Written by: Shreyasi Datta

Who does not want a vacation or two in a year? I do, and I know most of the people do too. Ideally, the idea of a vacation is where you got to a foreign land in or outside your country and stay there for a couple of days in a hotel or a rented house and come back after it’s all over. But some people choose to buy a property and build their own vacation home, so they don’t have to worry about finding an ideal stay home or hotel and have their very own comfort zone in their own house. It’s a perfect escape! Now arises the question of safety along with this, buying a house having it set up is all good, but what about the safety of the house when you are not there. Especially when it comes to vacation homes, people are a little too scared with the thought of being robbed or broken into. There are millions of things that people will tell and scare you with but don’t worry. We’re here with tips that will help you keep your vacation home safe, free from vandalism, trespassing, burglary, and have you worried less.

1. Have Monitored Security System Installed

Having a regular CCTV camera can seem safe and secured to look after your home, but it might cause trouble sometimes. You might lose the footage, or the camera might suddenly stop working. What about then? With fully monitored security systems, it’s like someone is looking out for your property. Like a guardian angel. By installing the cameras, you can get the real-time footage whenever and wherever you are. Also, with smart home apps, you can watch over your vacation home even when you’re 100 miles away. With this facility, you can get notifications when someone is trying to force their entry into your house, and even the alarms go off, and your neighbours can get alerted about the person. One of the significant benefits of the monitored security home system is it’s a system that works all the time, and you will not have to be worried about it. We’d say it’s an efficient system.

2. Secure Windows and Doors

When it is a vacation home, some people tend to leave a small window or two open for ventilation keeping in mind the fact that they will not be visiting the house for another couple of months and it might get smelly and gross. Most of the cases say that burglaries are done through unforced entries specifically through the windows and sometimes weak door locks. Burglars look into houses they know they will have to not put too much effort and can enter quickly without people even noticing or being alert about. Usually, the empty houses. You can avoid such mishaps happening to you by installing secure-smart locks on your windows and doors with passcodes and alarm systems. With this what will happen is, like I said above if they try to forcefully enter your house the alarms start ringing, your neighbours get alert, and you get the notification. Lock all the doors and windows or even the attic window properly before leaving. If you have the slide doors, lock them with the security bars. If you cannot afford the security systems, no problem we still got you covered, use nails, or sharp hooks on the windows to avoid the opening of the windows for more than a few inches. For the basement door use deadbolts and secure locks.

3. Don’t Keep Any Spare Keys

Avoid keeping spare keys under the doormats and somewhere dug in the flower pot or any other place you believe nobody will find out because trust me they will. People have patience and time to do so. Even at your regular house, we suggest avoiding keeping spare keys under such spots because it is undeniable that 10 other people like you do the same and know about it. NOT HELPFUL AT ALL! Now you might say no there is no possible way this might happen. I say there is! If that is the case, have someone look after your house once a month if you know you can blindly trust them without a second thought. Let me also warn you, sometimes people we know surprisingly unwillingly do things we don’t expect them too.

4. Make Sure Your House gives the idea that someone Is Living in it

when you don’t stay at the vacation house, keep in mind to not have any mails, newspapers, or packages being delivered to your house. Seeing unpicked mails, newspapers, and packages will hint anyone the idea of the house is empty, and the thought of burglary is evident after that. Either have someone collect all your mails and packages or just simply don’t book anything for the address. SIMPLE!

5. Know Your Neighbors and Hire Someone For Maintaining Your Houses Landscape

Since it is a vacation home, some might think it’s not necessary to mingle or get to know people in their neighbourhood, but NO, never do that! Talk to your neighbours, know who they are, if they can be trusted or not, and if they’re kind enough to alarm you in-case of any wrong happenings. Have good relationships with them, this can pay tremendous dividends in phases of retaining the safety of your house. Your neighbours can preserve an eye fixed out on your own home and file any suspicious activity to the police. Close-knit neighbourhoods generally tend to experience decrease break-in rates, because strangers will always stick out, stay in contact with a straightforward neighbour with whom you may share your information, so they can notify you if something happens. Besides, ask them to put off frequently added gadgets which include newspapers or packages, mails which can gather around your door if any, so that the assets don’t appear unoccupied or unattended. This will also convince them to sometimes maybe take care of your house and the landscape and anything other than that.

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