How To Get Started With Home Automation

Written by: Vidhushi Poddar

Home automation associates easy life, imagine everything gets done as and when you think. Just imagining it can give us so much happiness, think of how relaxing and effortless it will be when you have a home that has automated devices. The problem is how to start with it, which is the most needed area for automation. It is important to prioritize those areas where the work takes most human effort and where you need the safety and security measures 24*7.

 It is everyone’s wish to get the things done at home with minimal efforts, the desire, or crave for automation born when one has to switch on or off the light from the bed when the switchboard is not too close to the bed. But sitting and imagining a relaxed life and an automated home will not help get it, right?

A question comes, ‘how can I get started with home automation?’ there are so many things starting from voice-controlled devices to app-based. It is not always that how complex the idea of designing an automated home, becomes simple when you start it the right way when you take the essential things and right things required first.

The key to getting started with home automation is prioritizing the areas where you need the automation the most, where the safety and security measures have taken into consideration.

Wireless Video Doorbells

Start checking on things from the time you enter the house, the doorbell, and the automated door opening system, the wireless automation doorbell from confio can serve the purpose.

Automated Lights

Then comes the automatic lighting and fan/ air condition operating system. The lighting system from confio which has a four-channel and two-channel lighting module with the facilities mentioned below.

Door Sensors

After that comes the sensors that help detect. The essential sensor required is a door sensor that helps notify and take action while there is intrusion when you are away from home. This automation helps you to keep the safety and security of the house. One can take action though he or she is away from home.  The door sensor of confio has all the required features.

Kitchen Sensors

The kitchens are not safe with the gas leakage and problems related to gas the feature automation in the kitchen starts with a gas sensor. Installing a gas sensor lead a step towards safety and security and also include auto shut off feature. The gas sensor from the confio will detect mechanically the leakage of the gas and help in taking preventive steps automatically.


 Another way to automate your home is by connecting it through an app. Confio has an app gateway that controls all the devices and notifies you. Just tap on the screen, and you get to control everything by sitting at one place. It has the feature where it enables voice and allows your command into action.

The above mentioned are a few basic things that will help you know how you can get started with home automation, which will benefit you and help you do the needful without making any kind of effort. Home automation not only helps in making life effortless, relaxing but also safe and secure.

Apart from the above devices, there are many tools that you can add up to make your home automated. But starting with the most required, used, and helpful things are what your motive should be. That will help you invest in the right and essential things. That will be your smart choice because the range of products that fall under home automation and its price are limitless like the sky. Automation is available for every part everything of the house, but it is not necessary to install all of it. Instead of putting all at once, start slow take steps to divide the house, and segment them list down what are the key areas where you need automation. It is important to remember that we take the help to make the work easier and ensure security, therefore first start with the simple requirements.

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