How Can Home Automation Solutions Help You

Written by: Bipasha Basu

With all the busy and hectic schedules, our lives have become very demanding and tiring. So at the end of the day when we return to our homes, the only thing that we want to do is laze around on the couch and relax. But those moments of peace seem to be robbed from you when you have to get up to search for the AC remote or go and adjust the temperature on the thermostat.

If this happens to most of you, then you need to update all the systems of your home into a smart home technology. This home automation technology will have your lives easier, increase the security of the house and save so much of our time by not needing to worry about small, mundane tasks.

The concept of smart home technology is not just limited up to asking Alexa or Siri about the weather. With modern technology taking over all the aspects of our lives, we can use smart devices to do the majority of the work for us. For example, we can turn off the lights in the kitchen, or make devices to vacuum the floors from anywhere- be it inside the house or outside.

With the aid of home automation technology, you will be able to easily access and control all the smart devices present in your house with the use of a smartphone or tabloids or laptops from anywhere around the world.

The Smart Home Technology market in India is still at its budding stages, but it is estimated to grow by a yearly rate of more than 40% in the next 5years.

Speaking of Smart Home technology, a home automation system is mainly composed of three elements -Hub, one smart device and a connected application.

Even though people often associate home automation with a singly programmed device. Like smart plugs or thermostats or sprinkle systems, but actually home automation solutions use the technology which integrates the function of all the electronic devices of the home into a particular device so that you can access and/or manage them with a remote or with your smartphone.

Here are a few ways on how home automation system can make our daily lives easier-

1. Managing home security

Home automation systems are beneficial for providing security to our homes. These devices are made to make us feel safe and secure. If you are not in your home for an extended period, then these security devices can be scheduled to turn the light on during the night so that outsiders think that people are present inside the home, thus deterring burglars and intruders.

Plus you can also install alarm systems and video cameras so that if any unusual activity is detected the alarms get triggered and notifies your neighbours about this. The cameras will capture and store the feed, which will help you in the future. Besides the auto alert systems of the alarms will also send a text to your smartphone in case of any emergency. 

2. Everyday tasks

Smart home devices help in saving electricity. Suppose you are out on vacation for an extended period and have forgotten to turn all the lights off of the house or the refrigerator. This thing happens quite often. And all this leads to a significant hike in the electricity bill.

With the assistance of smart home automation, you will receive text alerts on your smartphone in such cases. Once you receive the alert, you can even turn the switches off with the help of the security app on your smartphone from anywhere.

3. The tension of theft while you are away

With the help of an excellent smart home security system, you can very easily manage your daily tasks like opening and closing of all the entry and exit points of your home like front doors, windows, backdoors, changing the tv channel, watering your garden, managing the smart vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, dishwasher, thermostats etc. and many other such things just with the tap of your fingers.

The main motto of the smart home is not just providing you comfort when you are present in the house but also to give you the control and access over the home even when you are not present. This feature helps in keeping your worries and tension away. Besides, your house is more secure and protected from the burglars in this way.

4. Water & Energy meters

The world of smart home technology has shown a massive rise in the development of new innovative devices for home automation. Some of those new devices include water and energy meters.

One of the scariest and real threats that the future generations will have to face and which we are facing even now is the scarcity of water and energy. These water and energy meters are built to easily monitor the amount of consumption of energy and water that happens in a household. With the help of these, we can control and manage our excessive consumption. It also reduces electricity bills, thereby saving money.

5. Entertainment items

The smart home system gives us control over all the entertainment equipment present in the home with the help of your smartphone. all the entertainment devices such as smart TV, speakers, music system etc. are connected to the smart home system and are incorporated into a single app on your smartphone. So just with the touch of your finger, you can turn the TV and the other devices on or off, as you wish without even getting up from the sofa.

6. Other tasks 

There are many other functions that the smart home system can perform such as- it can change the lighting of the house according to your mood, program the television so that the children can watch the tv on preset times only, set the sensors so that the lights in the hallways turn on automatically if someone walks through it and many such features.

7. Improved appliance functionality

Smartphone systems in fruit the functionality of our appliances in the home full stop, for example, installing a smart TV will help you in finding your favourite channels based on your preferences. With the smart ovens, you will be able to cook your dishes to the optimal temperature and not over or under cook it. Smart home theatres and auto systems help in organising the movie and music collection efficiently according to your choices.

Thus, integrating and modulating all the appliances in your home will help in increasing the effectiveness of the systems and will make our lives more comfortable.

Thus, home automation makes our lives comfortable as well as helps us in reducing excess energy consumption. The smart home system lets us save quite a large amount of money spent on electric and water bills by turning the lights off, lowering the temperature of the thermostat, alerting us about the water leaks etc.

Every person will be benefited by using the home automation system as it delivers many unique features, saves energy and also allows us to lead a comfortable life.

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