What Are The Common Entry Points For Burglars?

Written by: Shreyasi Datta

Burglary is a nightmare that nobody wants to have. Home burglaries are prevalent and in fact, occur at least every 15 sec around the world. Burglaries are also one of the things people think won’t happen to them until it does and they feel unsafe in their very own home, and the burglars take advantage of this mentality and break into houses and take away whatever they feel which sometimes leads to violence and someone losing their life whereas there are people who take the threats seriously and take extra measures. The worst thing about the burglary feels like you’re not safe in your own home. This can be a real struggle for a lot of people who also get traumatized after being a victim of a burglary. You cannot guarantee that your home won’t be burglarized, but what you can do is look into ways of avoiding and decrease the chances of burglary happen to you.

A burglar or burglars are smart and have their very own techniques and strategies to break into a house and quickly get out too. The most common points that they can enter are,

1. Front Door

The most common point for anyone to enter a house is the front door to walk and walk out so will it be for a burglar too. Most people think a thief or a burglar would not have the audacity to enter through the front door, but it will surprise you to know that a burglar will most like have the nerve to enter your house from the front door and this is often the case. What people also think is if they locked their doors there is no way someone can enter their home, but seasoned thieves or criminals watch target homes for days, and they know all the familiar hiding places for spare keys, it doesn’t matter if it is under your doormat, garden ornament or flowerpot or in your shoes rack, etc. They also carry a tool that can get doors open easily without causing the noise.

2. Windows

The second and the next most common points for burglars to break into a house are through the big full windows. Some people like leaving their windows open all the time even when they leave their home to go out and some choose to keep it open only while they are in the house. Open windows give straightforward access to burglars to enter and exit into people’s houses without any force. Windows are also commonly shielded by tall fences, which give you privacy but also provide a convenient space for a thief to hide behind. Keeping shrubs and vegetation trimmed often can remove the cover for a burglar. When people leave their windows unlatched and open while going out, it can lead to chances of being a victim of burglary.

3. Balcony

Some might think thieves wouldn’t enter through balconies at all since they’re usually on the second or the third floor, but they’re mistaken. Burglars don’t care about the floors; they will enter through any and every point of entry there is. Climbing up a second-floor balcony won’t seem much of a task to them when there is an open second-floor balcony door. The sliding door even can also be useless as the glass can be smashed and entered through when they’re closed.

4. Back doors

The back door or another kind of secondary entrance is how burglars get in. We keep our back doors open for easy access to kids and the rest of the members of the family, so we don’t have to deal with keys. The same measures need to be taken to avoid entry of burglars from the back door like the ones you take for the front door: cut back shrubs, don’t hide a key, using a solid-core door with upgraded locks and mostly just keeping the doors locked for our very own safety.

5. Garage

Lots of people have garages with a door leading into the house, so it is another common entry point for burglars. People usually don’t think about garage security more often; hence it’s quite easy to break in. A lot of times we walk away before the garage door to close before driving away, giving crooks the chance to slip inside easily. When the garage door is closed, a lot of people don’t lock the door to the house from the garage, another natural access point.

How to avoid burglaries and protect yourself?

Most importantly, you can install security cameras at your front doors and possibly at the other entry points of your house. Then replace the standard lock with smart locks with an electronic device, powered by a battery that can be locked and unlocked using the app, numeric touchscreen keypad, and on some models, a fingerprint sensor only. Keep your doors and windows always locked when you leave and if possible even when you’re not at the particular room at the moment. Install motion sensors lights on the balcony to deter burglars and thieves. You are setting up an alarm system that will detect when the door is being forcible will also help a lot. Cut the shrubs or bushes that give the burglar a place to hide while breaking in. Do not have a spare key hidden; let everyone have their key in the family if required so. Have a stable door to avoid entry. Make sure that doors from the garage into the house have a secure lock on them, so if someone does get into the garage, they can’t get into the rest of the house quickly. Always lock the door that is in between the house and the garage. If unlocking the garage door every time seems a burden, consider a lock with a fingerprint sensor for quick entry. If you’re gone for an extended period, do consider padlocking the garage door. Don’t leave windows open when you leave, no matter how stuffy your house might get.

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