A Wire-Free Smart Lighting Control System

A Wire-Free Smart Lighting Control System Written by: Bipasha Basu Standard automated lighting control systems include an input device, such as a photodetector, which communicates with a power controller, such as a switch. While these components may be combined into the same system ( e.g. wall-mounted occupancy sensor), they are mostly built separately. To communicate, the input device must send a command signal to the controller, which then controls the load. The prevailing conventional solution is to transmit a control signal along with specialised low-voltage wiring (usually referred to as “hardwired”). A more recent solution that is quickly gaining popularity is to communicate using radio waves that pass…


How To Keep Your Empty House Safe While Selling It

How To Keep Your Empty House Safe While Selling It Written by: Shreyasi Datta Owning a house itself feels like a reward; we know we are proud owners of a house that we love. There can be instances and situations where you might have to sell the house you are living in due to transfer from work or shifting cities, etc. now with a rented house, you don’t have to worry about moving whenever and wherever you have to because obviously, you don’t own it. You have to move to somewhere else. With owning a house comes, it is very own challenges of finding the right person to…


Why Does Your Home Security System Need sensors?

Why Does Your Home Security System Need sensors? Written by: Bipasha Basu It has been noted in the past incidents breaking in through the doors and windows is the most common way of entry by thieves and burglars. So you need to install proper security devices to protect yourself and your family members from all these events. Just installing a CCTV camera is not enough for security. You need to get a door and window sensors to protect your home from any break-ins. How does a door and window sensor work? The sensor consists of 2 parts. One is attached on the window/door, and the last is stuck…


5 Smart Home Essentials

5 Smart Home Essentials Written by: Madhu Amminabhavi Home automation is what you dream every day to make your life easier. With the merging newer technologies, these dreams are getting into reality in many ways. When you try to automate things in your home, you will save much of your time which in turn improves your work-life balance. The smarter home facilitates you in keeping yourself calm and productive. If this convenience is what you have always longed for, here are the five home essentials that you should consider to make your dream come true: 1. Smart Speakers and Controllers As everyone wishes to have a personal assistant…


How To Make Sure Your Loved Ones Are Safe At Home

How To Make Sure Your Loved Ones Are Safe At Home Written by: Shreyasi Datta Safety is everyone’s prime thought of worrying. Questions like are we safe in our house? Are we safe in our neighbourhood? Are our family members safe? Are the people we love in a safe surrounding? These are just a few of the many questions I’m mentioning that pop into our heads all the time. Safety of anyone is a prime concern. It should be. There are different ways of being safe, and some might say you should be aware of things happening around you, well the others might say no matter how safe…


Where Should Home Security Cameras Be positioned?

Where Should Home Security Cameras Be positioned? Written by: Bipasha Basu Deciding where you want to install security cameras in your home might be obvious in case of some houses, but it is not the same in all cases. Every house has unique planning and design, which we need to keep in mind when we are planning on installing a security system. This means that the placement of security cameras varies with different houses. When you are setting up a CCTV camera on the house, you need to make sure that you have covered all the critical locations and probable entry and exit sites. The main motive of…


What Is Smart Home And How Does It Support Green Living

What Is Smart Home And How Does It Support Green Living Written by: Shreyasi Datta Some know what a smart home is and some who don’t. No Problem, I’ll first start by telling you what a smart home is. What is a Smart Home? Like any other home, this also has four walls and various rooms firstly. It is a home that is fully automated by devices and is an advanced home setup where us human are the ones who can fully and remotely with the help of internet connection at any time and from anywhere control our devices using either a mobile phone or any other device…

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How Tilt Sensors Enhance Home Security?

How Tilt Sensors Enhance Home Security? Written by: Bipasha Basu Nowadays, we can find many devices in the market for securing your home. If you are leaving alone and you see so many security options so will get overwhelmed. And sometimes in those cases, you overlook some electronics which are great for providing extra security and comfort to you and your family. One of those devices can be a Tilt Sensor. Tilt sensors might not be attractive when you see them, but they sure are instrumental and will be an exceptional addition to your home security system. Tilt sensors are devices which are used for measuring the tilt…

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Safety Gear For Those Living Alone At Home

 Safety Gear For Those Living Alone At Home Written by: Vidhushi Poddar Living alone bears numerous opportunities, but on the other hand, you’re the only one responsible for home security and individual wellbeing. When you don’t have a housemate to assist you with locking up or call for help in case of a break-in, you need different sorts of support. 1. Get a Security Camera There’s no better method to have another set of eyes paying particular attention to you and your home than a security camera. These assist you with minding what’s going on when you’re away from home, and they can force a robber to reconsider…


5 Best Smart Home Devices for Airbnb in 2020

5 Best Smart Home Devices for Airbnb in 2020 Written by: Vidhushi Poddar The quick development of rental-listing service Airbnb, many would-be entrepreneurs, have brought a jump into the sharing economy. Yet, the whole of this spirit is frequently questioned by the chance of someone exploiting the home offered via Airbnb hosts. A bit of  home automation technology for Airbnb can go far to assist you to be more safe and secure as an Airbnb host. Here are 5 smart devices for Airbnb hosts that will take care of safety, all while submitting to Airbnb’s legal terms and conditions. Keyless entry Regardless of whether you’re away seeing family…

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