What ZigBee and Z-Wave Do?

Written by- Shreya Gairola

Technology has introduced us with so many new gadgets.These gadgets make our life more easier.Smart home is one of them.Smart home automation  is trending  because of their ability to do.A smart home is the technology that enables to connect all the devices at one place and works on the internet.consumers are demanding for more smart gadgets.But the question arises here is why you should invest in smart home automation.

Let’s dive in to know more about Z-wave and zigbee protocols

What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation which connects all the smart gadgets at one place with an internet. Everyone has a dream of  creating their home.Nowadays as technology is taking a giant leap into the future , a dream of having a home is within our grasp now.Technology has introduced us with different smart gadgets.When those gadgets are connected altogether in the home .They turn a simple home in to smart home .

Smart home automation maybe cost effective as well as expensive too.It depends on you how much you can afford to implement smart gadgets.

Smart homes will assist you to figure your home instrumentality higher. A smart TV can assist you to find higher apps and channels to search out your favorite programming. a smart kitchen appliance can assist you with change of state your food to the letter .A designed home theatre and therefore the audio device may build addressing your film and tune fine series whereas pleasing guests. The smart home turn a stressful enviorment in to lighter one .with the home entertainment anyone can change their channels music with just one touch from any corner of the room.


Z-wave is the wireless protocol of smart technology .Through which smart devices use to communicate with each other. You may think that it is more like a Bluetooth or an wifi which has all the qualities of a smart technology.


Zigbee is a wireless protocol created as an open global standard to address the unique needs of less cost, low-power wireless IoT networks. The Zigbee operates on the IEEE 802.15.4 physical radio requirement and operates in unlicensed bands including 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz and 868 MHz.

How Much Power Do Z-Wave And ZigBee Use?

Both ZigBee and Z-Wave use very less power. They use a wifi network to work upon. This is a main advantage that makes them an admired choice for smart homegadgets. There are various applications that won’t have  permission to high wired authority. Those devices works  with batteries.

Some devices using Z-Wave or ZigBee can run on a single cell battery for several years. A device like that trying to sustain a WiFi link would be deceased in days.

However, a gadget acting as a repeater will need more power. This is significant to be in mind when building your system

What Is the Signal’s Range?

As we know that home automation is expanding with each new day. The Zigbee network works at 2.4 GHz .If we see the signal range with the z wave network so we may find that it works at 908mhz.The elevated frequency allows ZigBee to broadcast more data but reduces the range of the signal.When there are  troubles in your network the lower range will get reduced.The elevated frequency signal can travel through obstructions such as walls.

A zwave signal that links between two nods can work upto 330 feet in an exterior,unobstructed setting.However,sometimes it can cause abridged in the home.Walls,dividers can also obstruct and can cause network issues too.The precise fitting of network can be a 100 feet for no obstructions.The zigbee in home space can be a 40 feet.

How much you can depend on the signal?

A smart merchandise needs to be dependable Controlling a door lock or a whole safety system require a very dependable link. These devices are hypothetical to make our lives easier and safer. When a command gets sent, you wait for the merchandise to be linked and receive the command. When something doesn’t work constantly or stops working totally it can be a enormous source of aggravation. In a worst-case situation it could even put you in threat


Z-wave Vs. Zigbee which is better for your smart home

If we compare both protocols we found that these wireless protocols have unique features that make them stand out in head to head comparison.Zigbee uses a frequency which is very much faster in getting data from your gadget than Z-wave.It can also connect with more devices. Unfortunately, it can obstruct with devices using Wi-Fi, and it uses more power.These smart technology innovation is in huge demand by the consumers as it is turning our lives more easier and convienient.


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